Monday, October 10, 2005

Coat shopping season

Although this is the warmest week yet in San Francisco, coat shopping season has officially arrived. It's tricky finding a good coat in California so I am often stuck shopping online for a fall coat. Luckily, La Redoute has some really great options this year. From trench coats to wool walking coats, the site has a great variety and most are under $150.

Now the only problem is actually picking one that I can stand to wear a few times a week until spring. I would love a fabulous white wool number...but that's raises more than a few dry cleaning issues. Hmmm, maybe a dark wool 3/4 coat? By the time I decide...I usually don't even need a coat anymore.

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MissScientistSF said...

i love coats. so much. today was crazy warm though! give me a call tonight if ya'd like, we have lots of frozen pizzas and capri suns!!