Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Halloween costumes

Halloween is approaching fast and I haven't even thought about costumes yet. Since we live in the Castro area of San Francisco that is famous for it's Halloween street party, the pressure is on to find the perfect costume. Rob and I may go as "preacher and preacher's wife" again. This is a hilarious southern Baptist costume we picked up on a trip to New Orleans for Halloween a few years back.

What else is a good idea for Halloween? I am not a fan of the "slutty _blank_" type costumes. Who really wants to be a slutty-teacher, slutty-nun, slutty-pumpkin for Halloween? Maybe I should recreate the classic "Jeanie Frog" costume circa 1992, complete with green swim cap if I recall? Why not just go back to my childhood preference for being a princess, ballerina princess or fairy princess for Halloween every year.