Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another one to choke you up

Sometimes I just love the internet so much. People are using Craigslist Lost and Found to find hurricane survivors -

Actual readers, two of them to be exact

I am so excited to see people posting comments on this blog. Since it's only been around for a short while, I didn't think that anyone was actually reading it.

However, this thrill was momentarily diminished by the fact that all but two of the posts were advertising penile enlargement. The post was about hurricane devastation, for Pete's sake! Anyway, the pervs have been deleted. Read on, readers!

This pushed me over the edge today

While politicians start to debate about responsibility and reporters present increasingly dim pictures of the area, there is one thing that shines through it all. People from across the country are offering homes and jobs to hurricane survivors through the New Orleans newspaper website -

This is just amazing...American culture has a lot of faults, but our generosity toward helping people in need is unparalleled.

In respect for poor New Orleans

I am listening to Preservation Hall gospel jazz today on the iPod. I picked up the CD in New Orleans a few years back. It's sad, gritty and perfect for this week's news.

I hope their tiny little music hall survives this flooding. New Orleans wouldn't be the same with out it.

I am right about goats

This is from The Onion -

As I said before: if goats were just 25% less hungry, they would probably be right up there with dolphins.

Safety First

I read this morning that in 2001 the Feds predicted the three largest dangers to the nation. The first was a terrorist attack in New York, the second was a hurricane in New Orleans and the third was an earthquake in San Francisco. So far, they got 2 out of 3 right.

My boyfriend has always been really good about keeping our apartment stocked with emergency water, canned food and flashlights. I hope that everyone in San Francisco makes a donation to the Red Cross today and creates their own emergency kit. As we have seen, thinking that it can't happen to you is not an option.

Poor New Orleans...

This sums it up nicely (from DailyKos) -

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How funny is this...

You have to read the full article to get just how hilarious this story about an escaped ostrich really is. The owner's quote is priceless: "You never would think an ostrich could fit through a little window, but she did." Ostriches are so weird...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Emily Joy Lerma is starting to creep up the Google rankings but I am still below this site -

Yep, that's the official website for Emily Joy Lerma, an eight year old from Detroit who enjoys Barbies, Lizzie McGuire and Strawberry Shortcake. Hey, at least we have a few things in common!

The beta's back!

Coco Chanel is officially back at work today. My favorite pink and black beta fish has been my office companion for over a year now. It's great having a desktop pal that's happy to see you each morning. Plus, betas are super resilient and don't mind being left at work over the weekend. I recommend you pick up one today.

Things I Love Today

Rock on Scissors for Lefty! You guys are the greatest band in San Francisco. I hope the show in Los Angeles goes really well tonight!

Just be sure to remember us little fans from way back in San Luis Obispo when you make it big. My prediction? I think you'll be opening for Coldplay in 6 months.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Things I love today

I am rocking out on the iPod today! Between the moody alternative songs and the bumpin' hip hop tracks, I am kind of digging the occasional Christmas song that comes on. Is this too weird? It's not even a freezing cold day in San Francisco.

I just really love Christmas, I guess. As soon as I moved into my new cute apartment I started day dreaming about where the tree would go. Only 121 days to go!

This is random, but does anyone else remember that old school Christmas countdown program that came with Macs back in the 80's? That was a major bonus back in the day. I remember being impressed while gazing into the 4x4" grey screen. So high tech!

It's been over a week now

Its been over a week since I started blogging. So far I have covered goats, stationary, tuna, peach-tossing, celebrity gossip, shopping and glitter pens. Not too shabby!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

What kind of cheese are you?

woo hoo!

Things I love today

Hooray for metallic gel glitter pens! They say that life is all about the small details and this is one detail that I love to have at work. Nothing makes copy editing more fun than making your "proofreader's marks" in sparkly pink and green ink.

A bonus TILT for today - I also have an undying love for silver ice tea sipping spoons. Usually about six inches long these delicate spoon/straws make any refreshing glass of ice tea a ladylike delight. A really nice sample is online here. only if it was so warm in San Francisco that a glass of ice tea would be a good idea.

Memo: You should never cook/eat the following in the office

Note to all cubicle warriors: the cooking and consumption of tuna, sausage patties, pungent curry and leftover beef stew is prohibited from the office environment. Due to the extremely noxious odors these foods emit, this ban is to take place immediately. Any meals that emit dog-food-like smells should be eaten outside the office, preferably in a well ventilated outdoor location. Our company risks offending visiting clients and loss of productivity related to employee agitation related to these breaches. Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Snaps for American Express

I got to cash in 10,000 rewards points this morning for my American Express card (it was a nice way to recover from the peach-tossing). They actually offer some pretty great rewards. Instead of your general toaster ovens and magazine subscriptions, they had theatre tickets, spa packages and gift cards to some fancy-schmancy stores. I opted for a gift card to L'OCCITANE. Now that I can actually pronounce the store name, I feel better about going hog wild at the store!

Things I do not love today

I recently found out that I am anemic again. I think it is something that just comes with the territory of being a skinny girl. My doctor prescribed some iron supplements but it turns out that the specific kind he recommended is notorious for turning people into non-stop cookie-tossers. I discovered this the hard way today when I turned into a peach-tosser. Not a good way to start a Wednesday morning at work and probably too-much-information for this blog. Ick.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Things I love today

I love Chinatown! Ever since I traveled to China a few years ago, I love visiting the crowded, smelly, bargain-filled streets of this San Francisco neighborhood. There is just nothing like it. This weekend I am heading out to Chinatown to shop for some cheap furniture. In the meantime, I'll just have to read about it online here.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yay for goats

I am just back from a weekend in California's heartland, the central valley. It was actually pretty fun to be away from the San Francisco fog for a few days. We stayed on a ranch with goats, horses and the works! Goats are really amazingly smart. I have the feeling that if they weren't quite so into eating everything all the time, they would rank right up there with dolphins.

Yay for goats! They are smart and make good cheese.

Things I love today

I wish that I could manage to listen to "This American Life" on NPR each week. It just always seems to be on at a weird time. I guess I could subscribe to the podcast version, wouldn't that be high tech of me. Once I get headphones for my office, I'll listen to it here.

Friday, August 19, 2005

What makes SF apartments smell so bad?

Is there a cure for SF apartment stinkyness? Something about my place just smells old. About half of the apartments I have been to so far are similarly afflicted. Candles aren't doing it. Cleaning doesn't make a dent. Making coffee is only a temporary solution. I heard that incense is a good step...but incense is just too gross for me. I am close to buying those ridiculously expensive scented oil stick sets.

Things I love today

Today's TILT is dedicated to my new favorite gossip blog

Rock on with your fabulous self Trent!

Today's embarrassing confession

I just discovered that I have been mispronouncing L'OCCITANE for about three weeks now. I had a sneaking suspicious that I had it wrong and am now trying to remember how many people I said this to. My suggestion? The sales people should say the name outloud when you walk in the door to avoid confusion. A simple "welcome to L'’OCCITANE" would save us all at lot of trouble! FYI - It's pronounceded "locsitan."

Between this, not knowing the rules to kickball and struggling with public transportation (still!), my first month in San Francisco has been a pretty humbling experience...

An idea

I am thinking about starting a club here in the city. I am not what I would call a "natural leader" so I worry that no one will want to participate. My idea is to start a Ladies Activity Club where once a month someone would host a little party at their house paired with an activity to some sort. It could be flower arranging, wine tasting, poker lessons, making holiday decorations, etc. I want it to be sort of tongue in cheek but also taken kind of seriously. Am I the only dork in San Francisco who thinks this is a fun idea?

A note about correspondence

Why is it that in this day of high-tech, speed-of-light communication people no longer feel the need to announce major changes in their life?

I recently moved and dutifully sent moving announcements to all my contacts. From this simple announcement I "discovered" all kinds of things had changed. People had moved, gotten married, etc. Most shockingly, a family friend introduced me to his 2-year old daughter for the first time. "Oh, hey, did I mention that I had a baby two years ago?" Doesn't this kind of thing merit an announcement anymore?!

In my book, every major life change requires correspondence. Birth, graduation, moving, engagement, marriage, children and death. A tidy "circle of life" bonded together with postage stamps.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things I love today

If you are ever feeling sad, this site is guaranteed to cheer you up. My dream is to run into this guy on the street...

Simply the best website for stocking up on cute and extremely cheap French clothes. Pretty much everything I have ordered from this site has turned out to be perfect...

First day

There is something about living in a city full of crazies, characters and fun that pretty much demands you have a blog. I mean, when you are doing laundry at 10pm and meet a Cuban samurai, you need to share that experience with the world.

A few things about me: I am new to San Francisco, I am a bit of a hypochondriac, I like fashion and interior design, I am hopelessly girly but not your average girl and I am obsessed with all the dogs that live in my neighborhood.