Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween costumes

Yay for Brian who was so brave and dressed up as Superman for work today. I hear he's causing all kinds of trouble with his super powers. No one at my office is dressed up at all...sad

Tonight, I am going to Castro Street dressed as Dolly Parton. Rob's going as a southern baptist, Jean will be a tennis player and Trent is going to be Enrique Iglesias. Should be a fun time!

Things I love today: Gingerbread Candle

This gingerbread candle from L'Occitane is my new favorite thing! It smells just like you are baking a huge batch of gingerbread cookies.

This candle is part of their special dessert scent series. Plus, if you buy one in November, they donate a certain amount to charity. Double fun!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Birthday loot, continued

Sarah, always an interesting gifter, gave my this funtastic napkin holder for my birthday last night. Mine is dressed up with cute green and red napkins and is quite stylish indeed. You may remember Sarah from other classic gifts such as the eastern European pecking chicken toy.

Urban Girl Tip: Fun with foil

Last night, my friends Sarah and Charlie came up from Santa Cruz for my birthday dinner. We had a great meal at Catch on Market Street that included lots of seafood, fried olives, white truffle aioli and the best butter pecan ice cream ever. After dinner we lumbered home with big bellies and the conversation turned to yesterday's UFPhobia.

Being that I hate aliens and have a bit of a tendency for craftyness: we then held a protective tin foil hat making contest in the apartment. Everyone's hats came out extremely well! I'll try to post a few of the photos of us looking totally ridiculous soon!

This idea of using tinfoil for a spontaneous crafting contest was a genius move on Rob's part. It is definitely a material that lends itself to drunken, overfed creativity. I want to make this a semi regular tradition for visitors at the house!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Some people are afraid of snakes, some people hate spiders, others are afraid of heights, for me it's always been aliens. I can't remember when or how this phobia started but I do remember refusing to go see ET.

Now that I am a not-silly, full-grown adult I can keep this phobia under wraps...most of the time. The exception? When those "unsolved mystery" shows are on TV and when crazy stuff like this is printed in the paper. Seriously folks...I don't need this right now...come back in 500 years.

Birthday loot, continued

Last night, my sister gave me this fun set of tiny (and tasty!) juicy tubes from Lancome. I love the little carrying case and the fun colors. This is a total girly-gift! I am wearing the gold one today and love that it tastes like cake!

Jean and Trent also gave me this fabulous pumpkin cake pan from Williams-Sonoma. Combined with my outdoor gear and gold necklace, so far I am a pretty lucky birthday girl!

Happy birthday to me!

It's official, I am now 26! It's not as bad as I expected.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Birthday present

Rob got me a bunch of REI gear last night as an early birthday present. Along with a perfect backpack and a dufflebag for weekend car trips, he found me the cutest chalk bag in the world. Most chalk bags are either super-manly or really "Amazon" woman. This bag is a nice feminine compromise. It says: "Yeah, I sometimes wear cardigans and earrings to the climbing have a problem with that?"

Recipe: Baked shells with winter squash

One of my all time favorite foods is pumpkin ravioli with a sage butter sauce. No matter what else is on the menu, I always end up ordering this at Italian restaurants. So, for tonight's rainy day comfort dinner I am going to try this recipe from Martha Stewart for a casserole made with winter squash and Parmesan cheese. Mmmm!

Urban Girl Tip: Explore your roots

I just discovered that the San Francisco Public Library has a really cool collection of online historical photos of the city. Plus, you can search the archives by neighborhood to get a good look at your street way back in the day. For example, this photo is Market Street between Sanchez and Noe in 1897. It's so hard to believe that my neighborhood used to be so undeveloped! This is also a good site for reading about the history of Castro.

Blog alert: Veiled Conceit

My favorite snark-about-the-New-York-Times-wedding-announcements blogger is back and posted a really good one today.

Cuddly alert: Panda-cam

It's cold and rainy outside today. Instead of being at work, I wish I was at come curled up with a cup of tea and live streaming of my latest obession: Panda-cam.

If you remember, a few months back the Washington Zoo announced the birth of a panda baby initially called "butterstick." Now butterstick is a full grown panda-kiddo named Tai Shan. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, you can watch Tai Shan live. Right now, the mama-panda is rubbing his's soo darn cute.

Update: He just woke up from a nap and yawned...I think I am having panda-cuteness overload.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Urban Girl Tip: Glove storage

Baby, it's cold outside! The weather in San Francisco has decidedly turned from sunny fall to freezing winter over the last few days. This means, it's time to break out the cold weather accessories! I wore my first pair of gloves yesterday (yay!).

Of course, my collection of gloves (mostly inherited, some new) is jammed up at the back of my wardrobe right now and it's nearly impossible to find a matching pair. What's a girl to do? After considering boxes and hooks, I think I have found the solution: I am going to sort the gloves and put them in small labeled manila envelopes. Since you don't really need easy access to all 20 pairs at all times, I think this envelope process could work.

PS - Those cute gloves in the photo? They are a $70 pair in leather and cashmere from Bluefly.

Urban Girl Tip: Office zen

We received a surprise visit from a massage therapist today at the office. My 30-minute rub down helped a great deal to counteract the rock climbing soreness that will not quit from last weekend. While it is kind of weird to get a massage in the office and the chair leaves and unfortunate toilet-seat shaped mark on your face, it was overall a very positive experience. Plus, I had a great view of San Francisco from the chair. A pretty nice perk!

Plus: Research indicates that a 10-15-minute chair massage results in decreased job stress, increased alertness and increased speed & accuracy on math computations. (Not that I can do accurate math computations at any speed, with or without massaging)

Monday, October 24, 2005

San Luis Obispo Royalty

If you are from San Luis Obispo or lived there for a long period of time, you are familiar with a few big names from the small town. Righetti, Sinsheimer, Madonna and above all else Hearst. This past Sunday the New York Times posted a wedding announcement for Jason Hearst, son of William Randolph Hearst II. Pretty big deal. Even better, the wedding was held at the gorgeous San Simeon Ranch. Lucky dogs!

Reconsidering the sulk

I just got my first birthday present in the mail today. I haven't opened it, but it's a small package and we all know that those usually turn out to be the best. Maybe turning 26 won't be so bad after all. I kind of forgot about the whole getting-presents part.

Sale alert: Old Navy

I admit it, I can be a snob sometimes about Old Navy. Even though I don't like shopping in their stores, I do love an occasional bargain from their website. Last year I picked up a really cute floral purse and a coral coat from their site that are still some of my favorites. They are having a sale online right now and there's some pretty tempting items.

For example, this grey sweater is only $24. It work really well dressed up with a pencil skirt and blazer. Paired with this faux-croc purse, you have a pretty nice little outfit. This maroon wallet is another fab find, even at full price it's only $7 bucks.

Urban girl tip: camping update

I am back from the trip to Yosemite and want to update my previous post about camping tips. Here are other necessary items:

Aspirin and band-aids:
Rock climbing is hard work. It's especially rough on your muscles, elbows, knees and hands. I can barely raise my arms above my head today and my legs look like they were attacked by a malicious and rabid squirrel. I guess I won't be wearing a skirt for my birthday this week after all. The aspirin is for muscle pains and wine-overdose-related hangovers.

Chapstick: It was cold in the valley and I returned with a serious case of chapped lips. A combination of blistex and pure shea butter is helping them recover slowly.

Bear mace: Bears are everywhere in Yosemite this time of year. Last weekend our friend slept in her car with her cat instead of in a tent. On both Friday and Saturday night bears played around with her one case leaving big paw prints on the windows. Good thing she had put all her food in the bear box!

Camera: I always forget to bring a camera with me on these trips. Despite the soreness, chapped lips and bear encounters, these trips are so much fun! Next time I need to bring a camera to catch all the action.

Things I love today: Pumpkins and Pumpernickel

I have recently discovered two new food obsessions. The first is the pumpkin spice milkshakes at Jack in the Box right now. All the deliciously weird goodness of pumpkin ice cream in a yummy shake form. I don't care that it is an artic tundra outside, I am craving one of these puppies big time. Now I just have to figure out where the Jack in the Box is in San Francisco.

The second food obsession is Synder's of Hanover's organic pumpernickle and onion pretzels. The sound totally gross but, trust me, they are delicious and perfect for a cold and foggy day. Plus, they are organic and that makes them really good for you...right?

Like french fries in a chocolate milkshake, I wonder if my pumpernickel pretzels would be really good dipped in a pumpkin milkshake?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Urban girl tip: surviving in nature

The boyfriend and I are going to Yosemite this weekend for a little camping and rock climbing. Plus, my good friends from SLO are giving up civilized life this weekend and moving to New Mexico. With all this urban abandonment, now is the perfect time to talk about tips for surviving in the wild. Here's some of my favorite:

Cleansing face towelettes: Hot water, soap, etc are all sparse when your are out camping. Pack some of these cleansing towelettes to give you face a quick scrub without soap and water. You'll feel much more chipper when you have a chance to wash valley dust off your face once a day. Throw in a toothbrushing and you are fresh as an irish spring, as they say.

Good reading: There are no blogs in the wilderness so you need to bring a nice thick book along for the ride. I am taking A People's History of the United States with me camping this weekend. I love taking related books like John Muir for Yosemite or Georgia O'Keeffe for the desert, but I ran out of time this week.

Cozy clothes: It's cold at night when you are camping so bring lots of snuggly layers to keep you warm. I prefer down jackets, fleece lined beanies and Hot Chili long underwear for chilly nights in Yosemite.

Oatmeal: Even though it's a pain in the but to set up the stove and boil can't camp without oatmeal for breakfast. It's filling, tasty and healthy. Just be sure to store it in the bear box, otherwise Smokey and Grizzly are going to be helping themselves.

Headlamps: Why fuss with a flashlight when you can use a headlamp instead and look retarded while wearing it. I admit that a headlamp is key, but why can't they make one that looks a bit less like a cross between headgear/zombie doctor headpiece. Ideally, it should be a tiara or a cute headband with LED lights across the top.

Have a great weekend...stay safe outdoors...and happy trails!

Because everyone loves Elmer Fudd

My friend Brian just sent me a link to a really wild site that trabslates any webpage into funny dialects. You can choose from redneck, cockney, Elmer Fudd, sweedish chef, jive, pig latin, moron and more. I have no idea how this works but it is pretty hilarious. Here's EmilyStyle in Elmer Fudd.

Scolding the people of San Francisco

People of San Francisco:

We need to talk. I am very upset with you. At the opera last night, I saw countless numbers of you wearing various combinations of jeans, jean jackets, teevas (*shudder*), hiking boots, fanny packs and sweatshirts. This is unacceptable. You are adults. You MAY NOT WEAR JEANS TO THE OPERA!!! You know better than that.

As a general rule of thumb, if you paid more than $40 for a ticket to an event that is not held in a stadium you need to wear pants. Even khackis are better than jeans if you are really desperate. You don't need to wear black tie...but c'mon you can do a little better than last night. A skirt and top maybe? Slacks and a sweater? God forbid, a dress?!

Our seats were high up, but not so high that you needed to wear full on trekking gear to survive the climb. I did just fine in heels. The opera did feature people dressed in workclothes and jeans...maybe you were just trying to match the theme? If so, it didn't work out so well. Please make an effort to dress appropriately next time. Dressing up makes the experience better for everyone. It's not that hard.

Best wishes,

PS - No this dress isn't an exception.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Quarter-life crisis

I am exactly one week away from turning 26 and, frankly, I am freaking out about it. Turning 25 was fun, but 26 is a whole new ballgame. I know it's silly, but I am starting to feel old. So, to counteract this oldness I want to establish a list of resolutions for the next year:

- More rocking. Scissors for Lefty shows around the city have increased my rocker-chickness about 100%. Keep rocking on this year. Think about getting a tattoo (but immediately chicken out because tattoos are kind of gross).

- More "EmilyStyle" activities. After 25 years, I have a pretty good idea of who I am. I am girly, crafty and clever. The 26th year should include more greeting card designs, more parties, etc. and I should do more to post samples and photos on the blog.

- Less perfectionist. This may work against the last resolution :) I tend to have a Martha-Stewart-esq obsession with perfection. I'll try hard to cut back this year.

- More new adventures. This includes more swimming with Jean and Trent and more rock climbing with Rob. More meeting new people and less shyness. More brainy activities like the Commonwealth Club. Maybe a trip to Thailand or Greece in 2006?

- More workplace productivity...oh...I guess that's enough resolutions for now.

Things I love today: lockets

I am suddenly obsessed with locket necklaces. maybe I spent a little too much time reading Lucky Magazine under the hairdryer at the salon last could have been heat-stroke induced fascination..but there is something so undeniably romantic and girly about lockets.

I especially like some of the modern takes presented by jewelry companies like Bing Bang. Worn on a long chain, lockets are a good compliment to fall's bohemian/victorian styles.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Crafty: Pop-up cards

Remember how exciting it was to make pop-up cards when you were in elementary school? It was like paper magic! I can smell the rubber cement now!

Tonight I am going to try to rekindle that magic by making a pop-up card for Rob's sister who just announced she is pregnant with her fourth child. I think I'll modify these instructions to make a crane's beak and somehow how to attach a baby in a bundle to the beak. She has three creative boys (the oldest is 7) so they'll love this card if I can figure out how to make it work.

Urban girl tip: Tom's cookies

If you don't have time to whip up a batch of homemade cookies this fall, try Tom's Cookie Dough instead. I personally hate the uber-greasy consistency of the refrigerated cookie dough from Pillsbury and the like. Tom's is way better and is made with all natural ingredients.

Plus, Tom's dough looks and tastes like cookies you actually made yourself. You can even play it off like they are homemade, if you are sneaky like that. They sell Tom's at Safeway and other stores here in the city. You can also pick up dough and cookies in the Macy's basement downtown. Some favorites include: Milk chocolate toffee crunch, peanut butter cup and coconut macadamian nuts. Yum!

Things I love today: Dolly Parton

I have new found appreciation for Dolly Parton. I just watched Dolly Parton's interview with John Stewart on the Daily Show. She is so smart, friendly and genuine, it's hard not to like her.

Plus, you've got to admit she's pretty dedicated to the same "little lady" philosophy that strives for. Dolly definitely has me beat in one area though - wink!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Urban girl reminder: Christmas cards

Christmas is only 67 days away! If you use photos for your Christmas cards, now is the time to start thinking about your design plans. Each year, Rob uses his photog-skills to stage an elaborate picture for our holiday card. This year's plans may involve a ball gown and trolley. We'd better get started soon! Plus, if you make your own cards, look for good deals on paper and envelopes online now before the rush. This is my favorite site for ordering stationary. Be sure to check out the affordable metallic lines.

Aim to have your cards in production by Thanksgiving so you can be sure to get them all sent out by mid-December.

Things I love today

This folding make-up trunk is pretty much crack cocaine for people who grew up with fully accessorized Barbie collections. The tiny drawers, the folding mirror, the elegant design...I think I am actually starting to drool.

Of course with a price tag of $2,400, you'd have to be pulling in a hefty "Doctor Barbie" salary to afford this trunk from the Conran shop.

Update: apparently this trunk is just one of the many drool-tastic pieces offered by a company called Starbay. Doesn't every modern girl need a steamer trunk with fold out cot? If only it were 1917 again - sigh!

Easy Chinese recipe

One of my favorite healthy meals to cook is a Chinese tofu stir fry. It's an easy recipe and always helps to counteract my normal lettuce/cheese/cheeze-its diet:

Spicy Orange Stir Fry
1 block of firm tofu
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of oil
4 stalks of celery, chopped
2 cups of chopped bok-choy
1 chopped zucchini
1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tablespoons of of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of schezuan chili oil
1 tablespoon of chopped almonds
1 tablespoon of chopped green onions
pinch of pepper

Cube the tofu and brown it in a skillet with the oil and garlic. Chop the vegetables and combine the juice, soy sauce and chili oil in a cup. Once the tofu is browned, add the sauce and place vegetables on top to steam. Cook until veggies are tender and top with almonds, onions and pepper. Serve with rice if desired.

Sample alert: Lancome

Lancome is giving away a free juicy tube in Honey Violet (my favorite) and free shipping with any purchase made on their website through Saturday this week.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cocktail award: Spike Lee

Okay, last post of the day...I promise! I am seeing Spike Lee speak tonight at the Commonwealth Club. In honor of Spike, I offer the following Spiked Cider recipe:

Spike Lee Spiked Cider
2 cups water
2 cider or chai spice tea bags
1/3 cup light brown sugar
3 cups apple cider
1 cup light rum
1/2 cup of butterscotch schnaps
5 cinnamon sticks
1 Tbs of fresh ginger

Enjoy a cup tonight while watching Crooklyn.

New on the iPod

It's Indian summer here in San Francisco and the perfect time to add a few new hot tunes to the iPod:

- "Reflections" by Atmosphere (cool rapper performing in SF soon)
- "Don't lie" by the Black Eyed Peas (sounds like pure summer)
- "Ms. Fat Booty" by Mos Def (Mos Def is a hunk)
- "Night time is the right time" by Ray Charles (soulful and brings back all those Cosby Show memories)
- "I turn my camera on" by Spoon (rocking tune)
- "Closer" by Matt Pond PA (is that a violin in the background?)
- "Don't steal our sun" by The Thrills (smooth like rainbow sherbet)
- "If you want me to stay" by Sly and the Family Stone (pure funk)

Sale alert: Club Monaco

Club Monaco, everyone's favorite Canadian clothes store, is having a big sale on their early fall merchandise downtown. Visit the San Francisco shopping center to pick up wool suits, chunky sweaters, cute men's clothes, etc at up to 50% off. Sorry, no online shopping yet from this fabulous store.


On a whim, I recently bought two boxes of white tulip bulbs. Of course, it's October and I live in an apartment....what was I thinking! So now I am going to try to figure out how to force the bulbs by putting them in the fridge for 12 weeks and planting them in small pots. I guess if I play my cards right, I can have a lot of white tulips ready in time for christmas. Maybe I can even give them away as presents? Can I interest anyone in some extra bulbs now? I doubt that I am going to be able to grow all 24 bulbs on my own.

Decorating with shells

Let's just continue with the whole "urban craft" theme from last week for a while longer: A few months back, I converted a beat-up old mirror from my grandmother's house into a really nice piece by glue gunning rows of small natica shells around the damaged border. This quick and easy mirror project cost about $20 in shells and glue gun materials. With shell and nautical themes still very trendy, I have started thinking about other ways to incorporate shells into interior design.

The trick to decorating with shells is to use the materials in consistent colors and modern patterns. Simply gluing a hodgepodge of shells will probably result in something that looks more like a beach souvenir than a nice piece of furniture. One prime example of shell decorating done right can be found at the Monaco Hotel in New Orleans (pictured). At this hotel, designers coated the fireplace and inset bookshelves with shells to accent the lobby's African theme. For renters, this may be a bit too big of a project. Instead, try gluing shells onto an ottoman, vase, picture frame or small table. You can purchase bulk shells cheaply online or visit your local shell shop.

Do watch out when using the glue gun however. The smaller the shells, the more likely you are to burn your fingers while gluing. Get together some friends, some glue guns and make a party of it!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Has anyone else noticed this before?

I just discovered that the nine number keypad on your keyboard is totally different from the number keypad on any phone or cell phone. I just about had a brain aneurysm trying to convert "vanity phone numbers" like 1-800-MC-ASSIST into real phone numbers today at work. Instead of starting with 1 at the top left corner, your keyboard starts with 7 and it doesn't list letter options along with the numbers.

It's amazing how your brain just subconsciously knows that the phone and keyboard are set up differently. It never tripped me up until today. I wonder if Skype and Vonage customers have a hard time with this too.

I'm crafty, continued...

With the delivery of our chaise (finally!), we've been playing around with the layout of the apartment and decor. It's starting to look really good but needed a bit of seasonal flair. So, last night I went a little Halloween-crazy, sent cards to some of my favorite people and made some window decorations using white contact paper.

This is an easy decoration trick I discovered a few years ago. Basically, just draw your design in pencil on the back of the contact paper and cut it out using scissors. Then peel off the back and stick it to your window or other glass surface. I did this last night to put pumpkins on the living room window sill and a small ghost in the dining room. You can also use contact paper to put up words like "Boo" or "Trick or Treat." Plus, the contact paper easily peels off the window when you are done. Martha Stewart has a similar idea and some templates here.

I think it gives any room a bit of seasonal flair without working against your existing color scheme or minimalist sensibilities.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm crafty

Rob has photos of my most recent craft project up on his blog today. For our end of season "prom" I made two sets of bowties and corsages from kickball rubber. They are sewn together using a leatherwork needle and embroidery floss. Oh yeah...I can tell that you are super impressed!

Sale alert: Dandelion

A cute home decoration store in the design district is currently having a 50% off warehouse sale at the corner of 15th and Utah. Great deals on asian pottery, stationary, candles, small furniture, books and more. I just picked up two copper glazed mugs, an 80-hour candle, a large glass vase, three small glass vases and two sets of travel prints for $50. The sale runs through Saturday. If anyone would like to stop by on their way to or from work (cou*jean*gh) I would be happy to make another trip.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Big show!

Everyone is getting together tonight to watch Scissors for Lefty play at Bottom of the Hill (one of SF's best clubs for live music).

I know Jean will be there...primarily because she loves the Lefty...also because she will cannot miss this band that is also playing tonight. Get suited up in your best rocker gear and get your hieney down to the club!

Things I love today

I am officially a member of The Commonwealth Club! This San Francisco club organizes interesting public affairs lectures on a wide variety of topics. Last month, Rob and I went to see The RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan speak. This month, we are going to see Richard Clark. Our membership gets us in free to a lot of the lectures, so there's no excuse not to attend.

I feel so smart now! Maybe I should go buy a pair of glasses and sew leather patches on the elbows of my blazers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Things I love today

I used to be a big proponent of good ol' Great Lash mascara. You can't beat the price of this quirky green and pink packaged staple. But the mascara irritated my eyes a bit and had a tendency to run "Alice Cooper" style at the first sign of moisture.

The best alternative I have found is Lancome's Flextencils curling mascara. It's a wee bit pricy, but it's never clumpy, gives good results and one order lasts about six months. Plus, if you sign up for Lancome's mailing list, you time your purchase in order to get pretty good gifts when you shop online. Most others, including Clinique, require you to go to the department store and deal with insufferable make-up counters in order to get these gift packages. You can also pick it up at Sephora.

Purgatory for a bread pan

Williams Sonoma officially owns my soul. I was too tempted by their store in the marina this past weekend and ended up buying this super expensive pumpkin bread pan. I figure I can use it through November for bread, cakes, and aspic. Even now...looking at the photo...I can feel the temptation.

So, tonight will be round two of my pumpkin bread battle. Last week, I suffered a devastating TKO when I confused baking powder for baking soda, corrected the mistake and subsequently forgot to include both. I am a pretty good cook, this blunder was inexcusable! Watch out bread pan...mama's got a brand new recipe.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Coat shopping season

Although this is the warmest week yet in San Francisco, coat shopping season has officially arrived. It's tricky finding a good coat in California so I am often stuck shopping online for a fall coat. Luckily, La Redoute has some really great options this year. From trench coats to wool walking coats, the site has a great variety and most are under $150.

Now the only problem is actually picking one that I can stand to wear a few times a week until spring. I would love a fabulous white wool number...but that's raises more than a few dry cleaning issues. Hmmm, maybe a dark wool 3/4 coat? By the time I decide...I usually don't even need a coat anymore.

Weekend fun

As I expected, we didn't quite cross off everything on our weekend activity list. On Sunday morning the darling boyfriend and I took the train up to Haight and bought a longboard. Since it was such a beautiful day in Golden Gate Park, we spent the morning exploring on the skateboard. Plus, the skateboard we got is long enough for me to ride on the front (steering) and Rob on the back (kicking). I loved it! They should make more skateboards-built-for-two!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Cute idea for cell phone users

Why have a landline and a cell phone these days? Like most 25 year olds I know, I only have a cell phone. This is great 90% of the time, but long phone calls with friends back in Southern California can be difficult on a tiny cell.

Here's a possible solution from Elsewares. These classic phone handset plugs into your cell phone so you can use it like a regular phone.

Let's hear it for the blog!

I officially reached the 100 post marker today! Way to go!

Mark your calendars

Dungeness crab season officially opens on November 15. I can hardly wait! On opening day, I am going straight to the boats in Fisherman's Wharf to collect some of these tasty babies. Mmms...with melted butter and crunchy sourdough bread (maybe throw in an artichoke). You can't do any better than that!


I know that lamps are an essential part of any interior design project. But, like rugs, I have such a hard time picking them out and figuring out exactly how to use them.

This lamp from Hold Everything is really attractive and affordable...but where would it go? Am I the only one who struggles with this?

Things I love today (or Sunday)

This Sunday, I am going to the movies (always a bit of an ordeal in SF) to see the new Wallace and Gromit film: Curse of the Were-rabbit. I love those old short films from this animator and this movie should be great. Jean's going with me and she always get very excited about these things. Along with Fleet Week, Kickball Prom and trip to Half Moon Bay, it should be a pretty busy weekend.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dinner plans

Being a native Californian, I am naturally overly into lettuce and all things veggie. That's why tonight's dinner plan has me drooling now. I am making giant salad with mixed greens, turkey bacon, etc. and pairing it with grilled cheese and pear sandwiches. Yum! Of course, it will be topped off by a huge helping of healthy-canceling ice cream and pumpkin bread. Can you think of anything more tasty?!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I need to try this sometime

Framed silhouettes are perennially in fashion as a home accent...yet no one ever seems to make them anymore. I really want to make some silhouettes of friends and family to hang on the dining room or kitchen wall as an alternative to framed snapshots. How nice would it look to have a dozen of these in different sized frames. I could even make one of the fish! Is this a feasible project or am I trying to make flour from scratch here?

Things I love today

I love Japanese design. From tiny, dancing-hampster stationary to bento picnic boxes, there isn't much that the Japanese haven't made smaller and cuter. Here's another one to add to the list: Honda unveiled a new car today designed for Japanese pet-owners. It's complete with special dog "cubbies" for keeping Fido in a safe and convenient place while driving. The photo attached to this article is priceless, I love the shamed, yet dignified look on the faces of the dog-models.

Halloween costumes

Halloween is approaching fast and I haven't even thought about costumes yet. Since we live in the Castro area of San Francisco that is famous for it's Halloween street party, the pressure is on to find the perfect costume. Rob and I may go as "preacher and preacher's wife" again. This is a hilarious southern Baptist costume we picked up on a trip to New Orleans for Halloween a few years back.

What else is a good idea for Halloween? I am not a fan of the "slutty _blank_" type costumes. Who really wants to be a slutty-teacher, slutty-nun, slutty-pumpkin for Halloween? Maybe I should recreate the classic "Jeanie Frog" costume circa 1992, complete with green swim cap if I recall? Why not just go back to my childhood preference for being a princess, ballerina princess or fairy princess for Halloween every year.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy Rocktober!

October is hands-down my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month (shout out to Kate, also an October birthday girl), it's also the beginning of fall, the season of Halloween and the start of the holidays. Here are a few things that I think are a must-haves for a good Rocktober:

Philosophy Apple Cider Body Wash - I gave this to Jean for her birthday last year. She cherishes it and has only used about three ounces so far. Pick some up and try not to be as stingy!

Pumpkin Bread - Always a favorite baking project to kick off the fall season. Pumpkin bread is easy to make and very satisfying. Impress your co-workers by bringing in a loaf to share.

Cashmere Scarf - A nice, big scarf is always a good addition to a fall outfit. Choose a scarf that's almost a pashmina for the ultimate neck coverage.

L'Occitane Orange Spice Solid Home Perfume - So new that it's not even available on their website yet. Like a pomander but more potent. Visit your local L'Occitane store to pick up these great smelling cubes for your apartment.

Cutesy Fall Bakeware - Williams-Sonoma has a whole section dedicated to pumpkin cake molds, orange mixing bowls and mini-pumpkin cheesecake pans for your inner domestic goddess this October. Completely impractical and impossible to resist.

Thermos for Picnics in the Park - In San Francisco, Fall also means perfect weather and fun outdoor activities. You'll need a big thermos for bringing hot apple cider, chai tea or Irish coffee to a movie in Golden Gate Park.

Things I love today

Yet another cute store alert this week! This one is online, Elsewares has some really great stuff. Surf away!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Shout out to Scissors For Lefty

My all time favorite San Francisco band is making big strides this month. They played at the Castro Street Fair last Sunday, they are filming a music video this month, playing a show in LA, playing a show in NY and were featured as an "editor's pick" on iTunes (you can also buy their album through iTunes). Rock on Scissors for Lefty! I look forward to being able to say "I knew you when!"

Muni muck

What has happened to the bus system in San Francisco these last few days!? Ever since they cut back the line frequency on September 24, the whole system has been total chaos. I don't understand how they have the funds to install the "next bus" system but not enough budget to get me to work on time. "Next bus" is worthless when the next bus is coming a half hour from now and in a useless pack of three. I sincerely hope they get this straightened out soon.

Aforementioned flying squirrel

His name is Filbert and he's cuter in person. Especially appealing when flying through the air. Only $9 at Doe in San Francisco!

Things I love today

Jean and I discovered the cutest store in the world on Sunday. Called Doe, this boutique in lower Haight features all things adorable. We picked up a datebook, japanese stickers, a t-shirt for the darling b-friend and a flying squirrel stuffed animal. I have a feeling this store is going to be very bad for my checking account.