Monday, January 09, 2006

Things I love today: Beloved FCUK Moonie Jacket

I have been drooling over this FCUK Moonie Jacket since's so adorably hipster-Victorian with the mandarin collar, asymmetrical buttons and puffy sleeves.

Actually, writing down the description makes it seem pretty dreadful. Like something a crazy dread-wearing bookstore employee would wear with a long skirt made out of a pair of old jeans...and a lot of least seven.

Come to think of it, I remember trying it on over a black linen tunic the first time. OH NO! Am I secretly trying to become a hippie?! Has San Francisco culture finally beat my fashion sense senseless?!?

It really is cute right? Maybe this is why I can't bring myself to buy it yet, even though it is on sale. I might finally go for it once it drops below $100.

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