Monday, February 06, 2006

Crafty: Embroidery project

Last week I found out that Rob's soon-to-be-nephew is a boy and is going to be named Nathaniel. That meant it was time to finally finish the embroidery project I started for the baby back in December. Using an inexpensive fleece blanket from Old Navy, I embroidered his initials (NR) surrounded by water lilies and a smiling frog (kind of like this). I even managed to successfully make french knots for the frog's eyes on my first try. (Margaret knows that I have a clinical problem with french knots).

Embroidering baby items is so fun because you know that they'll be valued for a long time. Long after the baby passes up this blanket, it will probably stay packed away with his booties. My next project may be something with this adorable monkey pattern. Too cute!

Note: I also completed the endive stamp valentine project this weekend with Jean! The cards came out very well and we discovered that Jean has a knack for stamping! Glitter helps a lot!

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Nicky said...

Thank you for this little article featuring two garments from my website, It's lovely to know that other craftsters out there like what I am doing and are inspired by it!

Kindest regards,