Friday, February 17, 2006

Mammalian moment

Jean loves all things monkey. She loves spooky tarsiers and crazy capuchins. That's why I am sure she will love "Ask Dr. Capybara." (Disclaimer: I know...Capybara is not a monkey...I think it's a rodent..this is besides the point) My friend Brian and I discovered this bizarre website during a conversation this afternoon. Enjoy!


Adalmin said...

Dear Emily,

Agree with you on the funky Californian weather, which can veer from sunny camisole-centric tropical lala to blisteringly soaked days of splashing, bashing thunder.

I hate the weather. I can't wear skirts now and I've been dying to air my legs out ever since winter shackled them in boring denim.


MissEm said...

I suggest just throwing on a pair of thick tights and some boots and making the best of it. I would go crazy if I only wore pants all winter.