Thursday, March 23, 2006

To Do: Kickball!

Kickball season is back! With Trent as our coach, a bunch of us are signed up for the CA Gold Rush League of the World Adult Kickball Association. Kickball is huge in San Francisco. There are four leagues in San Francisco alone, each with more than five teams.

Rob and I played on Trent's team in the summer series last year. Our league played at Golden Gate Park which was perpetually freezing and crazy-person-populated. (That was where the celebrity Eskimo ensemble was first born).This year, we are playing on Hamilton Field over in Chinatown. That field is across from the public pool where I occasionally swim and a dangerously delicious Taco Bell.

It will be interesting to see what new people will join our team. Kickball is a great place to recruit new members for the Ladies Activity Club. Go team!


star firstbaseman said...

I just started (well, about a month ago) playing with a league here in D.C., and it's fantastic. I totally love it. Although I should note my league is def. leaning more towards being an excuse for socializing and drinking - which suits me fine, actually.

MissEm said...

That's great! Our league is all about drinking wine out of the box and shooing away crazy homeless people.