Thursday, March 23, 2006

Urban Girl Tip: Always accept an invitation

Rob just told me that our friends Matt and Amber have extra tickets to a show at The Fillmore tonight. We are going to see "Toots and the Maytalls" which is apparently a very famous reggae band. This will be my first time seeing a show at The Fillmore!

I'm not a huge reggae listener these days but I am a fan. In fact, Jimmy Cliff is probably singularly responsible for getting me through my first few months of university in Stockton. As a 95 pound weakling not accustomed to 110 degree heat with a mean roommate and no air conditioning, I had "many rivers to cross." I think I eventually destroyed that tape from overuse.

I wish I could listen to some of their songs online but my computer doesn't have a sound card. I guess it will be a surprise! What on earth am I going to wear!?

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