Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Urban Girl Tip: How to have a tropical vacation in San Francisco

Margo is on the big island this week and Jean is leaving for Maui tomorrow. This adds up to two out of my three sisters being in Hawaii on vacation this week. Throw in one of my co-workers who just came back from Maui and it seems like everyone is going on tropical vacations but me.

I'm not bitter though....who am I kidding...I am very, very bitter. I'll just have to crank up the radiators this weekend, apply a few layers of sunless tanner, watch a movie marathon of Blue Hawaii, 50 First Dates and South Pacific and drink my weight in Mai Tais. Maybe I'll even go out to Trader Vic's.


MissScientistSF said...

aww, i will bring you back lots of presents.. if that helps? you guys should come out for the weekend. be the fabulous jet setters I know you are!

MissEm said...

I just got an email from Jacynth saying that she can't come to the LAC party next week because she is going to be in Hawaii too! Darn you all!