Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shopping Challenge: Bridal shower gift

My friend Molly is getting married this summer. Her wedding shower is in Sacramento a few weeks from now. As with anything truly "Molly," there is a garden theme. What should I buy?
What do you think I should get for the blushing bride? Margaret, what are you getting her?


Anonymous said...

i love the tablewear and pitcher...great for a garden party.

personally, i think you should meet up with your friend and her boyfriend for dinner that night...maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle of SF and Sac...since we will be crossing paths?

MissEm said...

Who is this mysterious "anonymous?" She certainly seems to know a lot about me! I happen to know that "Ms. A" is going to be in San Francisco at the same time I'm in Sac. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Molly would like tablewear. This just sounds like her.