Friday, April 28, 2006

Shopping Challenge: Make-up case

The cheapo cardboard case I've been using to store my make-up has officially died. I think it was originally from one of the lotion and soap gift baskets? After six months of living under the sink on the bathroom floor, who can blame it?

Time to invest in a new house for my cosmetics. What kind of case should I get?
  • Caboodle - When I was 13 I had a hot pink and green Caboodle case. Oh the shame! What could I have possibly even had in there? A Strawberry Shortcake lipgloss? Apparently the company is still around and selling at Target. You can pick up something more modern for $25, but the real question is: can you overcome the thought of buying a Caboodle again?
  • Sephora - For $90 you can buy something similar. For all the qualms I have about buying Caboodles, spending $90 on a make-up case seems worse.
  • Bobbi Brown - $225! It certainly is nice looking, but really you could do so much more with $200.
  • Crate and Barrel - I think the trouble is that I don't actually want one of these dorky cases to be on display in my bathroom. The solution is to switch gears. Two of these woven boxes would look nice stacked on the floor and one would hold my cosmetics reasonably well.
The moral of the story here is to "think out of the box." How very corny.


MsOktober said...

I think all girls who wear make-up are on a never-ending search for the perfect make-up bag. Those train cases are nice, but they just end up being big and clunky :(

Good luck in your search!

MissEm said...

Thanks for the comments! Any ideas from your own search?


Ooh la love.

Your new make up case should be an antique vanity - love looking at your gorgeous self, put all your powder puffs on display.

MissEm said...

I would love a vanity. Unfortunately, I live with a boy and can't completely take over the apartment with my girlyness.