Friday, April 07, 2006

Wanted: Cropped jacket

This red cropped jacket is only available at Topshop in the UK. I would love to have one exactly like it out here in California. Does anyone have any ideas for comparable jackets in the US? The only options I have found so far are way out of my price range or not as cute. Help!



Harvey's makes a pink swing coat that Top Shop number reminds me of.

I ooh la love it, even though I feel half Twiggy, half preggers Jackie O when I sport it.

Not sure if it's still available, picked it up a year or so ago.

MsOktober said...

Have you looked on eBay? I've never bought anything that way, but a woman I work with likes vintage clothes and buys them off eBay all the time.

MissEm said...

Thanks for the tips!