Friday, May 12, 2006

I like Brooks Brothers? Really?

Oh the shame! I was joking with a friend this afternoon about picking up the perfect outfit at Brooks Brothers for an upcoming wedding. He's the type that if I saw him wearing a double breasted blue blazer, I would die laughing. Before closing the site, I decided to peek around. Here's where it gets scary...I actually like some of their clothes! Am I secretly turning into a republican?! Do I have a summer home in Nantucket that I don't know about?! See for yourself:
  • Pleated seesucker skirt - In pink or blue, this could be nice with a pair of pumps, a cute top, white headband and a white leather bag.
  • Madras dress - I may like it in an ironic way, but I still like it.
  • Pearl drop earrings - They're nice, right?!
  • Chunky turtleneck sweater - Everyone knows turtlenecks are my weakness, epecially in white cableknit. Imagine it at the beach with rolled up jeans and a glass of wine.
  • Pajamas - White pajamas with pink striping, embroidery and a matching case? You're killing me!
Darn you Brooks Brothers! Why do you have to have such alluring affordable preppy clothes and scarf tying tutorials. I will resist! I will use this photo to remind myself that it is wrong. I will not move to the Marina! I will not take up golf!

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