Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maple seed necklace

Do you remember watching maple seeds flutter down to the ground as a kid? For some reason, watching these seeds fall is one my most vivid memories of being a kid in Davis during late summer. These seeds are so aerodynamic that they can be used to study physics and calculus.

Thanks to E. Amey and Calliope, you can also use the design of these seeds to look fabulous. Calliope is selling a silver necklace with a maple seed design for $130. It's a nice balance of unique design and delicate silver work. I also like the sea crescent ring by this designer.


MissScientistSF said...

Did you know that those types of seed are called samaras. That's why maples are good samaratins! Ohhh, man.. I am too funny! Very pretty necklace though.

MissEm said...

Is that a plant biology joke....oh no, the grad school nerdiness is starting already!

When are you going to post pics of the new cottage?

suzanne antique lover said...

Love the necklace.. fantastic!