Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Summer must-have: Pull over poplin shirt

This adorable summer basic is currently on sale at La Redoute for only $14.95. With a belt and a pair of jeans, it's the perfect thing for a weekend trip to the park, the hardware store or the crepe restaurant around the corner. It also comes in stripes, which could be cute for a nautical ensemble. Embrace your inner Diane Keaton!


MissScientistSF said...

ummmm and it pretty much is "mom and dad" uniform.. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! I wasn't exactly planning on wearing a blue one with khakis...every day for the rest of my life! Will I ever be able to buy a blue poplin shirt without thinking I look like Dad?

Don't you think the white one would be cute with a big belt and dark jeans?

MissEm said...

Why did that come through as "Anonymous?" It's me!