Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things I love today: Artichokes

Is it possible to overdose on artichokes? I am in about the third week of my all-consuming obsession with this vegetable (flower?). About four days a week, I run down to the produce market to pick up a handful of these lovelies to go along with dinner. This week's menu: salad and artichokes, pasta and artichokes, panzanella with artichokes, gnocchi and...wait for it...artichokes.

If this obsession is going to continue, maybe I should try mixing up my recipes. Right now, I just cut the bottom stem, chop off an inch from the top and boil them in a big pot of water with lemons and olive oil for about 30 minutes. Rob likes his with a mayo and soy sauce dip (better than it sounds) and I like mine with balsamic vinaigrette. Here are some great recipe ideas:
Yum! I'm drooling already! We have a kickball game tonight, so I'll probably skip a dose of artichokes. But this weekend is going to be and artichoke extravaganza!

Update: It may actually be possible to die from an overdose of artichokes?! According to The Two Fat Ladies, Catherine de Medici may have nearly died from an overdose of artichokes on her wedding day! I'm in trouble now!


Anonymous said...

this is funny - i am obsessed with artichokes too, but i have always been. they are so yummy. dave actually bbq'ed artichokes last night - super! i would also recommend aoili sauce as a dip.

MissEm said...

Mmmm! Barbequed artichokes are soo good! Do you have to boil them first? There's a place in North Beach that grills them with garlic and parmesean and serves it up with a garlic aoili. I'm drooling!