Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What to wear bowling

The San Francisco Ladies Activity Club is meeting this Wednesday for our May party. This month's activity? Bowling! Betsy is the hostess and she is apparently a very good bowler. Since I have no hopes of winning, I'm going to focus on wardrobe instead of technique. Here's my pick for the perfect bowling outfit:
  • Pumas - My trusty pink and brown pumas are the perfect shoe to wear to and from the bowling alley.
  • Dark jeans - Preferably rolled up a few inches.
  • Western inspired shirt - I have a black button up shirt with puffy sleeves from Beijing that has the perfect rockabily flair for bowling. Here's another cute option.
  • Wide headband - Keeps the hair back.
  • Big earrings - Adds some girly to the outfit.
  • Bowling bag - Of course! This 80's bowling bag is big enough to store the Pumas while I play.
With this outfit, I'm sure to get some strikes! (Is that the right term, strikes? I only managed to get through "F" in the bowling glossary before going cross-eyed.)

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