Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Crafty: Restoring antiques

I recently inherited a gilded mirror in need of repairs. One side of the decorative plaster was broken into about 20 pieces. I am determined to repair it myself, relying on my crafty and obsessive nature instead of actual skills!

I bought some plaster from the hardware store and just ordered something called PoYo Putty in order to make silicone molds of the fruits and flowers from the unbroken side. How cool is this stuff! Once the putty arrives, I plan to create new plaster for the other side, smooth everything down with a dremel tool and give the whole mirror a fresh gilding. I think I'll hang the mirror somewhere in the hall when it is done.

How exciting! I feel like a real antique restorer already!


Sara said...

i guess you already got a new wallet, but a friend sent me this and i thought of you:

its a kate spade sample sale, ends today (the 15th).

i got the katy dara continental w/ zip

(in pink and green).
now i juts have to wait till my next visit the the US to pick it up from my parents house (no international shipping).

MissEm said...

Cute! I like the leather bound notepads that are on sale for $35 too.

Anonymous said...

How did the restoration of the frame go>> I have several frames that need a few repairs & am looking for an easier way than experimenting with a cake decorator

MissEm said...

I haven't received the silicone putty just yet. The plan is to launch into the project next week! I'll keep you posted!