Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Shopping challenge: Affordable monogrammed sheets for Jean

Jean and I were waiting for the fashionably late guests to arrive and browsing through Domino Magazine last night. Being utterly fabulous, of course all the apartments featured have monogrammed sheets. Jean was drooling over the monograms so I decided to do a little online research for her:

West Elm - Really cheap sheet sets with a fun modern monogram. I recommend the orange with white monogram for Jean. 230 thread count is more than a bit rough though.

Neiman Marcus - Definitely not cheap...but oh so cute. I like the willow set for Jean.

Pottery Barn - Jackpot! I like the big traditional monogram on these sheets. They are expensive but not unaffordable. The matching duvet cover is lovely too. 400 thread count.

What do you think Jean? Would any of these work for your North Carolina cottage?


Anonymous said...

I think Jean should wait until she gets married soon...3 initials make the best monograms. And then Em can get her some as a wedding gift!

:) Nicole

MissEm said...

Sheets are a great wedding gift. But they are also good as a housewarming present!

MissScientistSF said...

And a present they might have to be. They are beautiful, but a bit pricey! I really like those last ones though. What initials would I get? I could get two letters, TJ? Or just mine, like Uncle Steve's wife does :) Thanks Em!

Anonymous said...

I think you should just get your initials...unless you are planning on getting married in the next year?!

MissScientistSF said...

wow.. lotsa wedding pressure nicole!! hehe. When can we buy YOU monogrammed sheets, eh?

Sara said...

i love monogrammed sheets!

i dont know what letters to get either, i hypenated my name when i got married so i have 4 initals, SRHS, and my husband doesnt have a middle name so he only has 2, CS.

Anonymous said...

i actually didn't write that last "anonymous"...we must have a mystery blogger!!!