Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Social calendar: Marriage of Figaro

Rob and I were at home eating leftover pizza in our pajamas when we got the call. Ikon (visiting from San Diego) had tickets for us to see Marriage of Figaro at the San Francisco Opera. We had fifteen minutes to get ready. A quick change into our best opera clothes and a ten minute subway ride and I was in heaven. Going to the opera here is one my favorite things. In the past we've gone to see Doctor Atomic and Madama Butterfly.

This was my first time seeing Figaro. I was amazed at just how funny it was! One doesn't usually associate Mozart with being a great comic but this performance had the audience laughing at every turn. The performers did an excellent job of being scheming women and jealous men. And the stages for this show were the best I've seen at the War Memorial so far. Every time the curtain came up you were transported to another detailed part of the Spanish villa, complete with beamed ceilings and pine trees.

Marriage of Figaro has show dates through the end of the month. I highly recommend attending. Don't forget your ostrich feather purse and a little spare cash for an Irish coffee during intermission!


MissScientistSF said...

Sounds wonderful. I saw that opera in Santa Fe, it is one of my favorites! Swimming tonight?

MissEm said...

I need to go swimming! We have dinner out with Peter and Jill tonight. Next time!