Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Urban girl tip: Juggling perfumes

I love perfume! Have you ever noticed that using an old shampoo or perfume can bring back a rush of old memories? You can make the most of these memory cues by picking out special perfumes for special events. Here are some tips:

Vacations - I always take a new perfume with me on long vacations. Those little samples that come with Sephora orders are the perfect size for packing. When you are back home, one whiff of that perfume will bring back all your vacation memories. My tropical vacation perfume pick - Michael Kors Island.

Big Business - Job interviews, conferences, presentations. The right scent can help you feel more confident. Go for something a little more musky than usual or even blend a floral perfume with a men's cologne. My business perfume picks - Azzura and Neroli.

Weddings - Molly is getting married this weekend and has picked out DKNY Be Delicious for her bridal scent. My friend Amber chose Vera Wang for her special day. My wedding perfume pick - Chanel Gardenia.

Special Nights - Feel extra feminine for a night out to the opera or a fancy dinner. Choose something that is super floral and fun. My special night perfume pick - Une Fleur de Chanel.

I'm off to Macy's to buy the DNKY perfume for Molly. In the meantime, what are your perfume picks? Share your favorites in the comments section!


Kate said...

I love Ferragamo's Incanto!

MissScientistSF said...

Hmm, interesting "sick day" activities! I am a huge Marc Jacobs (Grass and Regular!) as well as Clinique Happy Heart fan! I am planning on getting the Chanel Gardenia once the move happens, too risky to buy it now.

MissEm said...

It was a perfume emergency! I'm back in my pajamas in bed now, I promise!

Megan said...

Molly chose it right when she picked Be Delicious. That's my favorite perfume.