Monday, June 05, 2006

Wallet dilemma

My Isaac Mizhahi wallet from Target is faling apart. This wallet has served me well for about six moths but the interior lining is starting to break where I keep my bus pass. Here's the dilemma:

Do I buy another Isaac Mizrahi wallet from Target, this time in crocodile for $15, knowing that I'll love it but that it will only last a few months? Or do I buy the Hobo International "Iris" wallet for $41, not knowing that I will really like it? What do you think?


MissScientistSF said...

the hobo wallets are always a great choice. I had mine for years! They sell them.. hm. At some travel store Trent and I were at... in Tiburon? I have no clue. Sorry, that wasn't very helpful.

MissEm said...

I worry that this wallet from Hobo is going to be too big? Thoughts?

MissScientistSF said...

I recall liking the Cleo one a lot. This one is probably the same size as our old one.. so about the same size as yours now. Hmm, I like the cleo one a lot!