Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coveted: Heart of Lotus ring

After trying to take a camera phone photo of my favorite ring for the last 15 minutes I have come to some startling conclusions: a) I have terribly unphotogenic hands, really they look awful. b) it may be time to invest in some of this stuff. c) maybe I shouldn't wear rings at all. d) maybe I should get a real camera instead of freaking myself out with blurry camera phone pics.

Once I overcome this new neurosis (approx five minutes and one lotion application later), I think I would like to wear this ring from Satya. Look how pretty it would help distract people from my disfigured monkey paws!


jordan said...

Oh my! I absolutely love this ring. It's going on my top ten things to buy list.

Emily, I've said it before and I'll say it again, you have the best taste.

MissEm said...

Thanks! Now all I need is a couple million to actually buy all these things I covet.

I'm looking forward to the screening tonight!

Sara said...

Slightly related to this post, I was browsing Amazon and saw this, have you read it?

MissEm said...

I haven't read this! Looks really good! Similar to Dorothy Draper's "Entertaining is Fun."