Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Crafty: Embroidered note cards

I had a few letters to write last night and was feeling inspired by the amazing craftiness of my new readers. The results? Sew-your-own-stationary! I used a set of blank notecards and envelopes (available at any craft store) and embroidery floss for this project.

I went with freehand designs, but you certainly could draw a pattern on the back of the card as a guide. This was a fun and fast way to test out some new embroidery ideas and stitches. Click on the "N" to see four finished cards. The monogram design is my favorite!

Each card took about 15 minutes. Punching your needle through the paper is really easy and the final results look amazing. Next time, I want to experiment with embroidering on top of printed stationary, I think it would be a fun way to personalize an important note.


Anonymous said...

Is the "N" for Nicole?

Nicole :)

MissEm said...


jordan said...


I went through a phase where I was sewing on paper a lot with my sewing machine. This is so much more intimate.

MissEm said...

I am so intimidated by sewing machines. Tempted...but intimidated.

Sara said...

oh, i like it!

the last few cards ive made ive done by cutting out shapes in one color and gluing them to the card, the last one was for a baptisim, i had a baby carriage, a bottle, teddy bear, etc, they came out really cute.

MissEm said...

Those sound adorable!