Friday, July 28, 2006

What to wear: Friday on the bus

A girl on my bus this morning was wearing an adorable outfit. I have tried to recreate it here for future reference. So cute!
  • Pink shirt -I like the bright color of this one from Banana Republic.
  • Sweater vest - Her sweater was much cuter. More sheer and lightweight. I cheated by changing the color of the only similar one I could find online.
  • Wool slacks - All my wool is stashed away right now for the summer. But this very tempting.
  • Sneakers - Really add something to this outfit. Very professorial.
  • Purse - I didn't see what she was I am pretending it was this $700 bag from Anthropologie!
I can't wait for fall to start! Wool - Cashmere - Tweed - Corduroy! I love it all!


jordan said...

I love the pink shirt.

Sara said...

i love it, especially the shoes! im still in the market for a new pair of sneakers.

MissEm said...

Ooo! You have to check out the Nordstrom sale then. They have my favoirte pumas on sale in a bunch of colors:

bets said...

I agree with you about fall. It's time.

MissEm said...

Now I have total "fall fever." It might be time to unpack the tweeds and wools.