Friday, July 14, 2006

What to wear: Ready for anything

The weather today is completely screwy. It was supposed to be blazing hot but it's freezing and foggy. Plus, Rob and I have a wedding portrait shoot after work for our former neighbors from San Luis Obispo. It's one those days in the city where you have to be ready for anything.

And this is the perfect outfit for such a day. It's got all the favorite elements of a versatile San Francisco ensemble:
  • Black turtleneck - I have a Diane Keaton-esque attachment to turtlenecks.
  • Light coat - Believe it or not, this darling cropped peacoat is from Gap.
  • Slacks - A comfy pair with pockets and a short enough hem for wearing flat shoes.
  • Ballet flats - I wear my pair from Arturo Chiang all the time. They are cute and great for unexpected hiking!
  • Headband - From Target. A must for keeping curly hair under control on a windy day.
  • Big bag - Ready to be stuffed with light meters, film and hair spray!
I even have a t-shirt on underneath this all in case that heatwave decided to show up today! I'm all set for being a stylish photographer's assistant at Alamo Square and the Palace of Fine Arts this evening!


jordan said...


I was browsing the web for something and found your blog randomly. It is really great. I spent an hour reading your archives, thats how I can tell I love a blog.

MissEm said...

Yay! Welcome to EmilyStyle!

Sara said...

oh, i like the ballet flats, ive been looking for flats like those to wear, i need comfy shoes for walking all over town.

two questions, so are they really comfy? and what do you wear with yours (nothing, nylons, those little not socks things?)

they are even on sale, maybe i'll have a pair or two sent to my parents for when i'll be visiting in october.

MissEm said...

I am not sure if that particular pair is comfy. But I've rarely tried on a pair that wasn't. Hooray for flats!

I don't wear any tights or peds with mine, which is probably gross.

Gabrielle said...

I never feel more like a designer than when I'm wearing a black turtleneck. (Jordan introduced me to your blog. It's great.)

MissEm said...

Double Yay! Hi Gabrielle! I love that I'm getting all these super fabulous new readers this week!