Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Book Report: Running with Scissors

A unique combination of funny and disturbing, this book makes for a pretty satisfying summer read. Running with Scissors is a memoir of Augusten Burroughs dysfunctional childhood. After his poet mother loses her mind, she turns him over to live with her psychiatrist and his bizarre family. Think "David Sedaris" but with much worse stories to tell.

I just saw that the book is being made into a movie with Annette Benning and Gwyneth Patrol. Looks pretty good but I can't imagine that they would be able to use half the material and still get an R rating.


Jean said...

Awesome SF neighbor Sam told me about this book. I should check it out. Did you hear David Sadaris with Ira on NPR this weekend? I am such an old lady, I've been listening to NPR constantly!

MissEm said...

Do you have your library card set up yet? You should request this book.

I can never seem to catch Ira these days...I think it is on in the afternoon on Saturday? Who is at home then?

Are you excited to have Trent with you now?