Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What to wear: Flying to New York

I leave for New York tomorrow morning. I always try to dress up a bit for plane trips. Even with all the new travel restrictions, there is still something fun about flying. This outfit blends together my travel favorites with a few dream items:
  • Black Turtleneck - Perfect for staying warm on cold planes and for blending in with New Yorkers when I arrive. This is cashmere for $93.
  • White Pants - Comfortable as jeans but more stylish. $89.
  • Jean Jacket - It can get really cold on those planes. This denim jacket can be used as a pillow without wrinkling. $36.
  • Flat Shoes - Easy to remove for x-rays and comfy for hauling around the terminals.
  • Prada Portfolio - My presentations demand to travel in style. Ha! Yeah right, I am really taking my beat up Kenneth Cole bag. $704.
  • Hermes Scarf - This scarf design includes the names of countries around the world and their distance from Paris. How much more appropriate can you get? $256.
  • Watch - To keep track of my schedule.
  • New Yorker - A must have on any sort of trip.
  • Rosebud Salve - I was so worried when lipsticks were originally banned, I can't fly without this stuff. Great for keeping your lips protected against dry plane air. $5.
I'll be in New York Wednesday through Friday. Don't expect many posts while I am away, a laptop is not one of my must-have travel items. (Nicole, want to be a guest blogger again?)


Sara said...

have a safe trip!
its nice to not fly in sweats like so many people do these days, but you are brave with the white pants, i would be sure to get my mid flight chocolate snack (another flight must) all over them, i usually go with something darker :)

Anonymous said...

i can't guest blog but thanks for the offer...i have too much going on with the job/move/etc. i hope to see you Saturday though... safe travels...