Thursday, August 31, 2006

What to wear: Grey jeans?

I was firmly planted in the "anti-grey jeans" category until seeing this pair in the La Redoute catalog last night. Riding the bus through the mission has made me pretty opposed to the incredibly unflattering, skinny, saggy bum variety of grey jeans like these. But this pair could be cute, right?

This is an overall cute outfit, maybe that is what is skewing my opinion? I really like that bag she's carrying and the sweater/shirt combo is nice. Plus, the jeans are only $34, hardly a massive investment risk.

It's time to put it up for a vote. What do you think about grey jeans? Hot or not?


Anonymous said...

NOT HOT! They are so 80's. Jeans are supposed to be bluish. Grey pants would be just as cute. Imagine grey wool or tweed...

Nicole :)

Katie said...

I don't think its so much the gray color as the cut, fit and wash. The ones you chose are bootcut with v. cute flap pockets on the bum. The ugly ones are a creepy wash, skinny legged and nasty.

I just can't get on the skinny legged jeans band wagon yet. I've never seen a normal person look really cute in them.

Having said that, I'm with Nicole on this one. If you're going to rock this look why not really do it nice, go to BR and get some wool pants?

MissEm said...

Thank goodness for my readers! I would have potentially been a fashion victim wearing grey jeans all over town!

Nicole said...

Actually i don't mind wearing grey pants. I love them...I got a really nice pair of skinnies from Paddocks(a local line out here) and love them. You can pair them these kind of Tops : ,