Friday, September 29, 2006

Birthday Wish List: Colored Pencils

Think of the possibilities! Is there anything more hopeful than a box of 48 colored pencils waiting to be sharpened?

I love this collection from Prismacolor largely because the pencils come in a wood case rather than a tin. I like to take colored pencils with me when I travel and the tins are always popping open and spilling pencils all over the place.

Update: Nicole brings up a good point: How will people know if someone else already bought something from my wish list? How about putting an annonymous "taken" note in the comments section if you do want to claim the idea?


jordan said...

oooh! So pretty. Good quality art supplies make me so happy.

Anonymous said...

You'd better put signups on the bday wishlist...otherwise you are going to end up with 4 sets of these pencils (from Rob, Jean, your Mom, and me)

Nicole :)