Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crush: Mike Rowe

I've been watching more TV than usual lately due to the limitations of my rump injury. Rob and I both like the Discovery Channel so we watch a lot of MythBusters when we are home. And this is where I have found my latest crush!

It's so embarrassing, but I definitely have developed a thing for Mike Rowe after watching more than a few episodes of Dirty Jobs (Don't worry Rob, you're still No. 1!). And I just read online that he lives in San Francisco. I would faint if I saw him at Safeway! Never mind that he's 44...he's handsome and an opera singer! You can learn more about Mike online here.

Now that I've shared my embarassing TV crush, share your own picks in the comments section!


Sara said...

Sam (aka Rob Lowe) from The West Wing. We are currently on our second trip through all the season DVDs while waiting for the final season to come out on DVD (I have to think too much to watch the American sitcoms dubed into French on TV here so they arent good for mindless relaxing). But we are now on the season where he leaves the West Wing to go run for congress, boo!

Sara said...

oh, and in high school that guy on "blues clues", steve or mike or something (this was like 10 years ago)

MissEm said...

Ha! I think your TV crushes might be even weirder than mine!

JonboySF said...

Jake Gyllenhaal...but who doesn't love that guy!