Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Party Countdown: Three Days

Last night's party prep went really well. Not only did we catch up on laundry and polish the silver, I also baked the cookies and started on the CD. Rob and I did a bit of grocery shopping, but wine is heavy and we carry our groceries home on foot so we'll have to make a few more trips. Today's schedule:
  • Housekeeper comes - Done! Juana should have spruced up the apartment this morning.
  • Trader Joe's shopping - Done! We went at lunch to stock up on cheese, chocolates, nuts and other goodies.
  • Decorate the vases - I bought this really cool crinkly green paper at Flax to wrap around different sized glass vases. Once I'm done I should have a good idea of how many flowers I need to buy at the wholesale mart tomorrow.
  • Decorate cookies - Lemon frosting and green sprinkles should finish off these sugar cookie "pears."
  • Finish the CD - Visit this site for a few more songs to add to the mix.
Not too bad! Tomorrow's the really busy day. Trips to the flower market, decorating, prepping food and making another run to the store.

BTW: For all you LACers out there, this is not the amount of time or planning that goes into normal parties. If you host a party, you do not need to be anywhere near this compulsive!

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I'm so excited for Friday!!