Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Things I Love Today: Baking Pans

These Italian ceramic baking pans caught Nicole's eye at Sur La Table over the weekend. Nicole wanted the set of three pans in red for $79.95 for her Christmas present. But I just found the same set in orange for only $47! Nicole, are you flexible on the color?

They are such lovely pans! I can imagine baking a delicious winter squash casserole in one for a cozy brunch.


Trent said...

Are you ready to use your Pumkin baking pan again?! you could make Jello things or giant cakes.

MissEm said...

How funny! I was just thinking about that yesterday. I think we're going to have a halloween dinner in October and the great pumpkin pan will definitely get used!

Anonymous said...

these are cute. i will probably order them now so they don't go off sale. thanks for finding them!

now i am going to look online for a free shipping coupon!

nicole :)

MissEm said...

Yay! Now you need to pick out something else you want for Christmas.