Friday, September 15, 2006

What to Wear: Weekend Adventures

Rob's parents are coming into town on Saturday and Sunday for a short visit. It's also leather pride week here in San Francisco, which always makes things a little more interesting in our neighborhood. I think we're planning on riding the cable car (California Street line to avoid the crowds) and doing some other touristy activities. Here's what I want to wear:
  • Dress - This Carolyn Vaile dress may not be super trendy, but I am pretty sure it is incredibly flattering. I want one each in all seven colors. Might be good for bridesmaids if anyone is looking.
  • Knit Jacket - This blazer would pair well with the dress and with every other piece of clothing I own.
  • Flats - I am still in no-heel purgatory for a few more weeks. Although Sophia Coppola makes it work, I miss my heels.
  • Clutch - Snakeskin print from Urban Outfitters.
  • Earrings - A nice pair of pearl studs completes the nouveau classic ensemble.
Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

hope you had a nice weekend adventure :)

i've been looking for one nice fall bag and found this purse im now obsessed with:

any good ideas for what would go with the green one? i usually get boring colors like brown and im a little scared to spend so much money on the green one instead of just being boring and getting the also very pretty dark brown, but i think the green would go with most things for fall and thus be worth my hard earned tutoring $$$, right?

MissEm said...

Wow! That is one cute bag! I love the green color. It would go well with any brown or black based winter outfit. I say go for it!

Sara said...

my friend that we are staying with in SF convinced me to order both and return one since they are on sale and might not have them when i go (she had me send them to her so we can go by the kenneth cole store while im there :), eek, ive never spent so much on a bag, i have to remind The Husband im returning one before he starts to worry :)

MissEm said...

I think you'll be happy with the final results! I've been pretty satisfied with the quality of my Kenneth Cole bag. It's held up well for the last 9 months of city wear and tear.