Thursday, October 19, 2006

Party Recipe: Golden Birthday

I'm turning 27 on the 27th this year. My hairstylist told me that this means it is my "golden" or "champagne" birthday. We're going to celebrate on Friday night with fondue and a few close friends at The Materhorn Restaurant.

I think I could easily dress up the table a bit with a gold/champagne theme. I already have a roll of gold gossamer streamers and some of these mini gold frames left over from another event. Maybe get some white lilies for the centerpiece? Any other ideas?


Haley said...

gold boxes...thank yous maybe?

Beth said...

Gold wrapped chocolates!

Katie said...

Gold leggings like Jordan had on her site the other day? (wink)

MissEm said...

Thumbs up on the chocolates!

Thumbs down on the leggings!