Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reader Appreciation: Fill in the blank

This is the final Reader Appreciation contest of the day! Using the photo of me kicking a humpback whale in Santa Cruz as a reference, complete the following sentence:
"Emily does not like whales because..."
There's really no wrong answer. So the person with the most creative response will be the winner! Enter your answers into the comments section to compete for a free copy of the book The Design Mix.

The winner of this and the "What to Wear" contest will be decided tomorrow. Submit your entries today for a chance to win!


T said...

well it's obviously because she thinks they're going to EAT here. Here is a video that demonstrates such

Jean said...

holy crap! that video scared the bejeezus out of me. I am afraid of killer whales now! the narration is the worst part. ack!

I think Emily is afraid of whales because...

- they fail to accessorize properly?
- krill just cannot be arranged into artful puff pastries?
- they fail to recognize her fabulousness and would eat her regardless?

I dunno. Ciao!

Kristin B. said...

because they can wear heels and she can't.

MissEm said...

Oh no! There is narration? I am so glad I don't have a sound card.

Haley said...

Don't be afraid of whales! They are totally fashionable! heres why...
1. they poop sparkles (ie fish scales.)
2. they accessorize on a budget (barnacles are free!)
3. they throw seasonal dinner parties (some work together to feed.)
4. they eat sushi!
I don't think many marine animals even come close to being so trendy.

MissEm said...

Oh Haley! You're killing me...that is soooo funny! Poop sparkles! Hahahaha!