Thursday, October 26, 2006

What to Wear: Breakfast at Tiffany's Costume

Two years ago, Rob and I went to a movie themed costume party for Halloween. Seeing as how everyone there was a big movie buff, I thought our Breakfast at Tiffany's outfits would be a big hit. Instead, not a single person at the party had ever seen the film. How bizarre is that?!

Reader Khandra mentioned that she was looking for Holly Golightly costume ideas yesterday. What a coincidence! For my costume, I went as Holly from the final scene in the movie; complete with dress, gloves, trench and cat. Rob went as Paul Varjack from the dime store mask shoplifting scene.

Here are some more costume ideas: Buy the authentic cat mask online. Recreate the black sheath dress and gloves combo. Or rock the bed sheet ball gown!


Katie said...

I can't believe that no one got your costume?!?! That is so strange! I would have flipped out at how cool you two were.

Khandra said...

Ahhh a shoutout in your blog! How exciting. You've made my day.

The costume (black sheath dress, pearls, cigarette holder) was pretty spot-on. Half of the people thought I was Audrey, the other half guessed Jackie O. I'm okay with either one!

MissEm said...


Thomas said...

Hi :)

I googled my way into this, but.. that cat-mask yo used, where did you get it from? And did you have both the masks? I've been googling for it and all I seem to find is a set made for Barbie, hehe.

Sorry for digging in the back of your old posts btw :P

MissEm said...

It wasn't "the" cat mask, just a random cat mask found at a toy store. Good luck with your search!

Thomas said...

Ah, I see :)
Thanks, and thanks for the quick reply!