Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What to Wear: House of Prime Rib

We're going to the famous House of Prime Rib on Wednesday to celebrate Amber's birthday. I am really excited because this seems like one of those funky old fashioned restaurants that I usually love. They've been serving beef and creamed spinach table side for San Franciscans since 1949.

Never mind the fact that they basically only serve beef and I eat everything except beef, it's going to be fabulous. Here's my vintage inspired outfit:
This is going to be fun! I wonder if I should wear gloves?


Jean said...

Ryan Heath and Adam Beck, from SLOHS, work there. I think Ryan is the manager. So watch out for that madness. Cute outfit though!

MissEm said...

Who? This guy?
Ryan Beck (the dancer)'s little brother?

Jean said...

that is Ryan Heath. I think. Adam Beck.. had an older brother, Parker maybe? They were cuties, on the soccer team and such. Ryan.. I dunno.. he was in band with me and dated my friend Kristen.

jordan said...

This is hilarious! I love how you've photoshopped the big grill in the background! Very pretty outfit.