Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bargain Finder: Flatware

I cannot stand another day with our terrible Ikea flatware! With holiday entertaining coming up, it has to go. But shopping for flatware is particularly frustrating. So much depends on the way it feels in your hand but I don't have time to dash all over the city tossing around forks. I needed a plan.

Plan A: Buy a set of antique sterling silver flatware for cheap and use it everyday. What happened: Wow, do I hate eBay. I lasted about 15 minutes before wanting to scratch my eyes out.

Plan B: Buy an expensive set of French olivewood flatware from Sur La Table. What happened: $800? That's a bit much for everyday flatware.

Plan C: Go to Ross. Buy first set of non-heinous flatware on sale. What happened: Why do I always try to go to Ross on Tuesday, when it is packed for senior discount day?

Plan D: Take a deep breath and buy this set of stainless steel tableware for 12 that was 77% off on last night. What happened: How bad can it be if it includes a pickle fork and iced tea spoons? For $179, I'm sold. Even at today's price of $299, it's a pretty good deal.


Anonymous said...

I might suggest Williams- Sonoma, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel for flatware that doesn't fall apart.
My everyday is from C & B and well as of yesterday (my 8th anniversary) it has held up rather well. I think there is a Crate outlet in your area (it has been a while since I was out there or worked ) but they might have some pattern of choice.

love.boxes said...

I'd like to know what you think when your flatware arrives. I like that simple patten, it will go with a lot of different things and it's 18/10 so that should be good.

Azla said...

Emily - check out - they have every vintage flatware set you can dream of!