Monday, November 13, 2006

What to Wear: 60's Cocktail Party

Oo la la! I've been dreaming of having a sixties cocktail party all day. I think it would be a fun theme for a Christmas dinner with a few friends. Serve up Tom Collins and make all kinds of terrible white-bread-based appetizers. This is what I would wear to that party (or the the Lawrence Welk Show):
  • Dress - A plain black sheath dress is a great modern start to this outfit. It would be even better in a bright color.
  • Shoes - These shoes are really the key. Cream leather peep toe with a black bow.
  • Purse - Some sort of silly vintage evening bag.
  • Bangle - Chunky and black.
  • Pearl necklace - My vintage three strand set.
  • Hair - A beehive paired with a pearl and crystal hair barrette. The shoes and the barrette are really what you need for this outfit.
  • Make-up - Lots of lashes and brows plus nude lip gloss.
This is a little more on the 50's end of the fashion spectrum...oh well! I seriously love that barrette...hmmm. Late birthday present to myself or early Christmas present?

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Katie said...

I lurve those shoes! Good find!