Friday, November 17, 2006

What to Wear: Safeway

I saw a girl wearing basically this exact outfit at Safeway late on Wednesday night. I couldn't believe it! Oh my gosh, so cute! I so tempted to somehow find a way to steal it from her but there are a lot of security guards at the market so it wasn't really an option. Instead, I'll try to recreate it:
  • Shirt - Basic white blouse.
  • Vest - I can't find a gray sweater vest like this anywhere! This version is available in ivory from Saks for $195.
  • Belt - So pretty in wine.
  • Skirt - I am pretty sure her skirt wasn't from Target, but it also probably didn't cost $18.
  • Shoes - Her shoes weren't quite as cute as these red patent leather Kate Spade peep toes.
If you can find me a gray sweater vest like this for under $70, I will provide a handsome reward! I am obsessed!


Sara said...

you could learn to knit and make one, it would be less than $70 in yarn :)

Nicole said...

Too much work :)

I like this one:|Juniors_Mossimo_Red_Hooded_TieWaist_Cable_Sweater_Vest__Medium_Heather_Grey&nAID=14110944&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

And only $22.99

love.boxes said...

I wish that I dressed that sharp for the grocery store. :)

l i s a said...

Last time I was in the GAP they had grey cable knit vests on the sale rack, but they only have brown on the web. This one from Wal-Mart isn't near as cute but hey it's only $8

MissEm said...

Wow! That Wal-Mart vest isn't half bad. Great find Lisa!