Friday, December 15, 2006

Design Inspiration: Diamond Stars

I guess it started with the Timeless Tiaras book about Chaumet jewelry design. Over the last year, I have been increasingly fixated on vintage pointy star designs. The brooch pictured here is a good example, as is this brooch and this tiara. Why don't these types of lovely designs show up more often in other places? I'm officially on a star hunt:
  • Star Mirrors - Pier 1 has two examples of star mirrors, but both are not quite pointy enough.
Annnnddd...we're finished. Seriously! I searched the internet high and low. I thought there would at least be a few examples of classic star designs on stationary or a few more mirrors. I came up 99% open handed and I am honestly surprised.

Imagine how pretty these stars would be around the hem of a skirt. Or on a throw pillow. Or one big star in the center of a duvet cover. Is this another example of "only-Emily" taste that sometimes surfaces?


Anonymous said...

What about quilt patterns?

MissEm said...

Good call! I saw a few of those during my hunt. But in general they seemed much more "rustic" than "glam" in spirit.

sanresh said...
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Katie said...

My mom once made a quilt with a huge beautiful star in the center. It was called Mariner's Compass I think. Anyway, it was really quite impressive.

MissEm said...

Cool! That sounds really nice.