Thursday, December 21, 2006

Things I Love Today: Ice Cream

Watch out world, I have an ice cream maker!

I got to open my big Christmas present at home last night (because it wouldn't fit in the giant waterproof duffel bag full of gifts that we strap, santa-style, to our Miata trunk rack each year). Rob bought me a stainless steel cuisinart ice cream maker. I am going to make soo much ice cream! Here's the recipes I want to try first:

Yum! I can't wait to try this out at our next dinner party.


love.boxes said...

Two years ago I tried some homeade cinnamon Ice cream for the first time and I am still thinking of it. Just an idea.

Anne said...

try some with avocado! :)
alton brown has an avocado ice cream recipe on his food network site. :) (if you like avocado, that is!)

happy holidays!

MissEm said...

Good call! I love cinnamon gelato.