Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Round-Up: Rainy Days

(So, so busy today! Sorry for the lack of posts)

Rob and I had a delightful weekend of relaxing and waiting out the big storm that passed through the Bay Area. On Friday, we made it home from work just a few minutes before it started raining and spent a quiet night together.

The sun was out again on Saturday morning. Rob went to work and I seized the moment to run a few errands. I dropped out our Christmas card photo for processing and took the train downtown for a little shopping. Gump's, Crate & Barrel and Zara were all amazingly empty and perfect for finishing up the last of my list. Rob came home at lunch and it started to pour again. I made it through half of my holiday cards before getting sucked into the vortex that is "Viva Pinata" on Xbox. That game owes me more than a few hours of my life.

It was raining hard on Sunday morning but I managed to bribe Rob will cinnammon rolls to go get the Sunday paper. I just love staying in bed with coffee and the Times, especially on a dreary day. Eventually I went back to work on my Christmas cards and baked a bunch of gingerbread cookies for Peter and Jill. I was putting on the last of my stamps when Jordan arrived at three to make beeswax candles. By five, we had made a huge bounty and Jordan headed back home. Is there any sight more lovely than stacks of finished Christmas cards?

Jill and Peter picked us up at 7:30 for dinner across town at A16. We had a lovely dinner with lots of Italian meats together on the back patio below a huge magnolia wreath. It was freezing out when we finished dinner so we hustled down the brightly lit Chestnut Street back to the car.

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love.boxes said...

That's a big stack of cards. I love it! I adore Christmas cards, in fact, Christmas is almost the only time worth going to the mail. :)