Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What to Wear: Rainy Day

Brrr. When is it going to stop raining? I love it when it rains on the weekend, such a good excuse to stay in your pajamas with a book. But during the week...when you have to take the bus...and walk to the post office? Time to do some serious layering
  • Umbrella - I am sure I would feel better about taking the rainy, wet bus to work if I had a $500 Hermes umbrella. Actually, if I had a $500 umbrella I would feel better because I would also have a towncar and a driver and I wouldn't have to go to work.
  • Jacket - A kimono jacket will be as cozy as a bathrobe.
  • Turtleneck - My new favorite from Victoria's Secret.
  • Scarf - Eggplant cashmere.
  • Jeans - I have recently switched over to Citizens instead of Sevens.
  • Boots - I'm wearing plastic rain boots today...these would be much better.
  • Purse - A bright pattern canvas tote from Anthropologie.
  • Trench - Top all this with a classic black trench coat. I have this jacket in traditional beige and love it.
The December Ladies Activity Club party is tonight. I need to come up with something cute and warm like this to wear for our night of gingerbread house construction!

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ambika said...

Love the kimono jacket. I've seen this cut in lots of dresses & blouses but in a jacket it's just perfect.