Friday, September 29, 2006

Urban girl almanac: Fall is here!

I am so glad it is Friday! This week has been draining. Here's what I learned:
  • Spending six hours at Macy's will give you a cold.
  • Sleeping for 18 hours straight will get rid of said cold.
  • Steve Emerson...not such a fun and optimistic guy when it comes to global politics.
  • Dinner delivery orders increase as the temperature decreases.
  • Don't order from Red Jade through It doesn't work out as well as you'd hope.
  • Do order pizza from Deja vu, even more delicious than expected!
  • Gel coated Tylenol is the best pain medicine for toukas injuries.
  • Oh the Glory of it All is a very juicy read.
  • Ugly Betty is a fun new show. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was mostly confusing.
  • It pays in San Francisco to always dress a little warmer than you think is needed.
  • Listen to your physical therapist when she says you are only allowed to go to Bloomingdale's for one hour this weekend (we'll see!).
  • October starts Sunday! Yay!
Have a great weekend!

Unexpected art from Urban Outfitters

Regardless of your feelings about Urban Outfitters (did they unleash the hipster 80's scourge upon us?), you have to admit they have some pretty genius graphic designers.

This be-booted bird sketch just arrived in an email from Urban Outfitters promoting free shipping on boots. If you strip away all that copy, the result sketch is just about the cutest thing I've seen all week. It's a bird...wearing boots! Click to enlarge and enjoy!

What to Wear: This Outfit

Bloomingdale's opened yesterday at the new Westfield Centre in downtown San Francisco. I haven't visited yet, but I expect it to be a thoroughly magical experience when I get around to it. While I am there, I should try on this dress.

The whole outfit actually is just lovely. The colors on the dress are fantastic, very art deco. I love it with the dark tights and platform pumps. Too bad I would have to wear it with flat shoes...would it still work?

Things I Love Today: Hostess Gift

Crane & Co. just launched this new series of matching stationary and pen sets. For $39 you get a set of 20 note cards and envelopes with a matching ballpoint pen. Isn't that a great idea for a hostess gift?

The cards come in yellow, aqua, teal, navy and pink online here.

Birthday Wish List: Colored Pencils

Think of the possibilities! Is there anything more hopeful than a box of 48 colored pencils waiting to be sharpened?

I love this collection from Prismacolor largely because the pencils come in a wood case rather than a tin. I like to take colored pencils with me when I travel and the tins are always popping open and spilling pencils all over the place.

Update: Nicole brings up a good point: How will people know if someone else already bought something from my wish list? How about putting an annonymous "taken" note in the comments section if you do want to claim the idea?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

What to Wear: It's Cold Outside

What happened to the sunny September weather? It's freezing cold outside all the sudden. At least I have a new tweed coat from Macy's to keep me warm:
  • Tweed Coat - Basically the same as my new coat. I think mine is by Esprit of all things?
  • Sweater - Red cable knit know you love it!
  • Jeans - I'm picking up my pair of Citizens from the alterations department this weekend.
  • Scarf - To keep the curly hair from making the most of the fog and wind.
  • Handbag - Zappos has my Michael Kors bag. And for almost as good a deal as I got!
  • Flats - Uggg...I'm still on the flat shoes everyday. This pair is at least shiny.
  • Ring - From Sundance Catalog, I have a friend who works there.
Stay warm out there readers!

Book Report: Oh the Glory of it All

I'm about 100 pages into this book about scandal and high society in San Francisco. Oh the Glory of it All is written by Sean Wilsey, stepson of the famous socialite Dede Wilsey. (You may remember Dede from earlier this month when she sponsored Opera in the Park). Thanks to Kate and mom for passing this book on to me.

Sean paints vivid portraits of his "evil stepmother" and wealthy San Francisco society. Pacific Height mansions, Napa weekend homes, helicopters, Trader Vic's, galas, 30 karat's a different world! And a very juicy world at that. At one point Sean's still married father was dating Dede, Danielle Steel and Dinah Shore all at the same time. Anyone who lives in San Francisco or reads the society pages would definitely enjoy this book.

Birthday Wish List: Cashmere Throw

My mom asked a few days ago if I wanted anything particular for my birthday "aside from all the things you talk about on the blog." I could see how picking out a present for me could be confusing. While I love all the things I post about, I don't necessarily have room for them in my apartment!

So for the next few weeks I'll occasionally be picking out a few things that would make for lovely gifts. This orange cashmere throw is a good example, albeit a bit of a splurge. I would use it in the living room to replace the orange terry blanket that I stole from Jean and that we think originally came from the housekeeper, Estella, who was always inserting gifts into my parent's house.

Other than this I'd mostly like art supplies, perfume, jewelry, make-up, satin pajamas, flowers and chocolates...the exact same list I've had since I was about 5 years old. Cards are always lovely too!

Things I Love Today: Halloween Invitations

Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite season of the year? And that October is my favorite month of my favorite season? October brings pumpkins, costumes, candy, parties and my birthday! Sure, we're still a few days away from October, but I'm already excited!

I really like this skeleton invitation for Halloween from Meri Meri. You uncross the friendly skeleton's arms (complete with ribbon scarf!) and open the tombstone to see the printed invite inside.

Meri Meri also makes similar cards with jack-o-lanterns, vampires and witches. All that is going to cost you $129 for a set of 25, but it might be so worth it! In the affordable alternative corner: these orange and black invites can be printed at home for only $22.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Crush: Mike Rowe

I've been watching more TV than usual lately due to the limitations of my rump injury. Rob and I both like the Discovery Channel so we watch a lot of MythBusters when we are home. And this is where I have found my latest crush!

It's so embarrassing, but I definitely have developed a thing for Mike Rowe after watching more than a few episodes of Dirty Jobs (Don't worry Rob, you're still No. 1!). And I just read online that he lives in San Francisco. I would faint if I saw him at Safeway! Never mind that he's 44...he's handsome and an opera singer! You can learn more about Mike online here.

Now that I've shared my embarassing TV crush, share your own picks in the comments section!

Coveted: Cabin to Go

On a cold foggy day like this, wouldn't you just love to be holed up in a tiny cabin with a good book? And a wool blanket...and couple of pugs...and a box of See's candy!

For about $40,000 you can have your own 400 square foot cedar cabin delivered to your doorstep from Sherpa Cabins in Montana. Of course you need a "doorstep" to put it on first. I would love to have one of these up along the Russian River for a weekend retreat!

In the meantime, maybe I should look into renting one instead. Or maybe staying at this little resort!

Crafty: Latice Pumpkins

I love the concept behind these pumpkin designs from Martha Stewart. Using the appropriate wood gouges it doesn't seem like it would be utter lunacy. It might be cute as "lanterns" for a dinner party centerpiece.

I'm a bit of a traditionalist though, I would probably decide at the last minute to go with something more like this instead!

Bargain Finder: Target Corduroy Jacket

With the right pair of cute jeans, a messenger bag and an ipod, this would just the right thing to wear on the bus in San Francisco. (Click here to see the jacket on a better model, much cuter in action).

It's very "graphic designer on the way to Valencia Street for Moroccan food." And for only $25 from Target, you are left with plenty of money for mint tea after dinner!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Things I Love Today: Baking Pans

These Italian ceramic baking pans caught Nicole's eye at Sur La Table over the weekend. Nicole wanted the set of three pans in red for $79.95 for her Christmas present. But I just found the same set in orange for only $47! Nicole, are you flexible on the color?

They are such lovely pans! I can imagine baking a delicious winter squash casserole in one for a cozy brunch.

Weekend Round-Up: Macy's Marathon

Rob and I woke Nicole up fairly early Saturday morning. We all got dressed and then drove across town to help her buy a pair of baseball tickets. Back home quickly to drop off the car before heading downtown. It was the day of the Macy's Passport Sale and we had some serious shopping ahead of us.

The Macy's Passport Sale is hands down my favorite sale of the year. In exchange for a $10 donation to AIDS research, you receive a coupon for 10-20% off everything in the store. The glory of this deal is that Macy's is also having a huge sale that weekend so you can easily save 50-70%. It's the kind of sale that requires preparation and teamwork! We probably should have packed some PowerBars with us.

We started in the men's building. Rob found a corduroy blazer, a shearling jacket and a pair of Alfani boots. Nicole bought a few things for Dave and we started the day with a net savings of over $150. Rob peeled off and Nicole and I crossed the street to the main store.

Six hours later we had purchased two pairs of designer jeans (we tried on about 30 pairs), a Michael Kors handbag, two pairs of earrings, a BCBG skirt, a wool coat, four shirts and five pairs of tights. Here I am in the dressing room with a purse (I bought) and faux fur vest (I didn't buy, but really wanted to).

Our final results for the day was a 50% savings rate! And we didn't even make it to housewares! Nicole is already planning her strategy for saving even more at next year's sale. We managed to carry all six bags home on the very crowded subway.

Rob joined us for a celebration dinner at Burgermeister, using a 2 for 1 coupon of course! Fully stuffed and exhausted, Nicole drove home to Napa with her loot. Rob and I zonked out on the sofa. We didn't do anything on Sunday, which was lovely! Rob went to the climbing gym for a bit and I got a pedicure. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and picking up the house.

Party Round-up

The LAC anniversary party went off without a hitch on Friday night! Nicole arrived in the city at 5:00 and we quickly got started on all the last minute preparations. We set the table with flowers, paint supplies and picture frames:

The last batch of appetizers were just coming out of the oven when the first guests rang the buzzer. I think the final count was about 12 altogether, minus a few last minute cancellations. We had more than enough food, plenty of drinks and lots to talk about! Here's the final table:

The picture frame painting started at about 9:00. Azla made one for her dog's photo, Nicole painted one for her boyfriend, several people made liberal use of the glitter:

Things started to wind down at around 10:30. It seemed to go by so quickly! Rob returned from his night out with Matt and we sat around eating the last bits of food from the trays. The last guest left at 11:30 and we all crashed into bed.

Overall it was a great party! The guests seemed to get along really well and had fun painting their picture frames. I definitely made too much food...but worse things certainly could have happened. I'm still enjoying the flower arrangements and leftovers this week.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sick Day

Between the party and the Macy's Passport Sale, I apparently had too much fun this weekend. I woke up in the middle of the night with a cold. But I'm already on my way to recovery. Check back tomorrow for full updates and photos of the weekend's adventures!

PS: I'm putting my supply of frozen bullion to use today in a batch of chicken noodle soup. Using a muffin pan to make frozen cubes has been a great success.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Things I Love Today: Browsing Bonhams

I think the British do antique auctions best. They sell the most gorgeous things! Having more history must help the "supply" side of things. I started browsing Bonhams & Butterfields site because my office is near the auction house and I sold an antique rifle there last year. The British site is way more interesting.

The paintings and antique sales are good but the "fine jewellery" listings are really drool worthy. Of course, I can't afford anything sold there. But it doesn't hurt to look! You never know when you might stumble across a small fortune, after all.

For example, take a look at this diamond tiara and necklace, these black and white pearl earrings and this diamond ring that belonged to the Duchess of Leeds. You can also browse the plain "jewellery" sales for more affordable and still lovely items like this seed pearl brooch.

Party Countdown: Tonight!

Whew! I made the flower arrangements and set up the table last night. Rob was at our last kickball game of the season until nine. I waited to go to the store and eat until he came home. Between being starving and having serious rump pain from physical therapy, I was feeling pretty worn out. If you saw a frazzled redhead at Safeway last night, that was me!

By the end of the night our tiny fridge was packed full with things for the party and I was feeling much better. I still got to bed on time and woke up refreshed for today's projects:
  • Visit Ribbonerie - This has nothing to do with the party but the Ribbonerie is having a big sale and I have to go! If you can't make it today I think the sale is tomorrow too.
  • Buy ice - It's the only thing I still need to get for the party. Oh shoot! Olives too, I forgot them last night.
  • Bake the fig and goat cheese tarts - Frozen puff pastry is one the greatest inventions of the western world.
  • Set out the drinks and appetizers - One set of food goes in the living room, the other in the dining room. Drinks will be in the kitchen.
  • Clean the bathroom - It's the only place your guests get to spend time on their own so it is important that it is spotless.
  • Have lots and lots of fun - The most important "to do" of them all!

Coveted: Red J. Crew Blazer

Nicole lives in Napa and mentioned that we should come wine tasting in October. Her boyfriend works at a sparkling wine vineyard there and knows all the best places to go. Doesn't that sound so fun!

I would love to wear this blazer from J. Crew when we go! The Herringbone Ryder Jacket in Tomato is on my coveted list for fall. Imagine it with a sweater, pair a jeans and these boots. Toss in a glass of hot apple cider and I would be in heaven!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Party Countdown: Two Days

I decorated the vases and the cookies last night and even finished the music playlist for the party. Rob was worried that posting these lists makes it seem like the party is a ton of work. It's not really, these are small chores. The fun stuff starts today:
  • Buy Flowers - Done! I bought queen anne's lace, snap dragons, hydrangeas and lisianthus for the arrangements. The big newspaper and twine bundles barely fit in the car.
  • Make arrangements - Should be a piece of cake.
  • Set the table - This involves putting out a tablecloth, covering the top with butcher paper and setting out the picture frame painting materials.
  • Go to the Grocery Store - One last trip to Safeway should do the trick! I need to buy apples, figs, veggies, olives, soda and vodka.
I'm going to do all the cooking and some last minute cleaning tomorrow. If all goes well, Nicole and I should have plenty of time for some pre-party cocktails and relaxation!

What to Wear: Flower Market

It's hot out but it's still fall. Today's trip to the flower market requires a simple outfit that works for a range of temperatures.
  • Belted Cardigan - This sweater balances out the white pants with a fall touch.
  • White Pants - I seriously love my white pants. I should probably start looking for another pair in case I ever encounter a red wine incident. I would be crushed to lose them!
  • Ballet Flats - You can never have too many pairs. I may buy these with my Passport discount at Macy's on Saturday.
  • Handbag - Simple, classic bag in brown leather on sale at Kenneth Cole.
Okay, so if this was InStyle Magazine they might recommend the outfit for the above 60 crowd. Oh well! I guess you could call it a classic!

Things I Love Today: Lotus Bowls

When you have a small city kitchen, you look for multipurpose tools. For example, a baker's cooling rack doubles as a dish drying rack on our tiny counter. And our dishtowels work overtime as pot holders.

These little lotus bowls are another great versatile kitchen item. You can use them to serve dips and other small items and they are also great for holding tea lights. Pier 1 only has them in grey and black, but you can order white ones online here or find them in Chinatown. I'm filling a few of mine with green tea lights for the table centerpiece this Friday.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Party Countdown: Three Days

Last night's party prep went really well. Not only did we catch up on laundry and polish the silver, I also baked the cookies and started on the CD. Rob and I did a bit of grocery shopping, but wine is heavy and we carry our groceries home on foot so we'll have to make a few more trips. Today's schedule:
  • Housekeeper comes - Done! Juana should have spruced up the apartment this morning.
  • Trader Joe's shopping - Done! We went at lunch to stock up on cheese, chocolates, nuts and other goodies.
  • Decorate the vases - I bought this really cool crinkly green paper at Flax to wrap around different sized glass vases. Once I'm done I should have a good idea of how many flowers I need to buy at the wholesale mart tomorrow.
  • Decorate cookies - Lemon frosting and green sprinkles should finish off these sugar cookie "pears."
  • Finish the CD - Visit this site for a few more songs to add to the mix.
Not too bad! Tomorrow's the really busy day. Trips to the flower market, decorating, prepping food and making another run to the store.

BTW: For all you LACers out there, this is not the amount of time or planning that goes into normal parties. If you host a party, you do not need to be anywhere near this compulsive!

What to Wear: Party Outfit?

It seems that I always struggle a bit with evening outfits. My natural state of dress is covered up, so getting ready for a night out the bars goes against my instincts. Friends know that I always have to be talked out of wearing a black turtleneck and jeans before a big night on the town!

I'm having the usual troubles coming up with an outfit for the party on Friday. This is what I planning on so far:
  • Party skirt - The one I own is green and a bit puffier than this white Robert Rodriguez version.
  • White wrap sweater - This is probably where I go off track. Do I really need to wear a sweater inside my own, radiator-warmed apartment?
  • Lace cami - Mine is more delicate than this camisole.
  • Melia pumps - Gold glitter with a satin bow! I wish I had these shoes!
  • Gold jewelry - These earrings and ring are from Anthropologie.
What do you think? Is this party wear for eskimos? Should I pick something like this instead?

What to Listen: Girly Music

Look at how adorable Audrey is in that photo! Doesn't it help wipe out the memory of those terrible Gap commercials? There is no reason for using this photo other than the fact that Audrey is supremely girly and I'm putting together a CD of my favorite girly songs to play during the party. So far, it includes:
  • More - Bobby Darin
  • Au Depart - Fugu
  • Little Girl - Vic Damone
  • Laura - Scissor Sisters
  • Raphael - Carla Bruni
  • L.O.V.E - Nat King Cole
  • Kiss Moi - Benjamin Sportes
  • Best of My Love - Emotions
  • Love at First Sight - Kylie Minogue
  • Too Young - Phoenix
  • L'amour et l'air - Daran
Apparently, "girly" means classic lounge music or french pop to me! Any other suggestions for great songs to include?

Things I love Today: Apartment Buildings

Our apartment building (or really any apartment building) isn't thought of fondly due to it's smell. After a few decades of tenants, these buildings seem to take on a permanent chicken and cigarette perfume. This scent is usually only changed on Sunday, when it switches to bacon, pancakes, chicken and cigarettes. After a while you get used to the smells and forget all about them.

However, once and while there are good smells. Smells that remind you of Paris and restore your faith in urban life! Last night I was baking huge batches of sugar cookies for the party with the kitchen window wide open. Our neighbor downstairs was making homemade blackberry jam with some friends. He picked the blackberries from a garden he grows in our parking area. The whole apartment building had an amazing smell of delicious berries, cookies and coffee!

He said he would give us a jar of the jam once it is finished. I think it would be a perfect paring with a few of those sugar cookies!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Party Countdown: Four Days

The Ladies Activity Club anniversary party is only four days away! Last night's jobs were to dig up the paints and brushes for the picture frame project and repair the hem on my favorite party skirt. What's on for today:
  • Buy contact paper for the table - Done! One trip to Flax at lunch did the trick. I'm using the butcher paper to cover the tablecloth and protect it from wayward tempera paint.
  • Calculate beverage needs - According to this, I'll need five bottles of wine and two bottles of hard alcohol plus sodas and mixers.
  • Polish silver - I think my silver trays are still in good shape so I might only need to polish the champagne bucket.
  • Laundry - Oops...this is left over from last night when we played hooky.
  • Grocery shopping - Time to stock up on food, supplies and money to pay our housekeeper tomorrow.
Today's activities are pretty boring! The fun really starts tomorrow and Thursday!

Sale Alert: Dwell sheets at Bluefly is carrying discounted bedding from Dwell, the superfabulous New York textile shop. Sheet sets and duvet covers are 40% off. If your bedroom uses green, brown, black, grey or jade colors, you're in luck!

All the sheets are lovely, but this ocean silhouette pattern is my favorite. Since the bedroom is all blue and white, I'll probably get these dot sheets instead.

Inspiration: Domino magazine spread

I love the clean color palette of this tiny New York apartment featured in the latest issue of Domino magazine. The TV in the fireplace feature, which you could certainly construct in an apartment without a mantle, is clever and I really like the blend of modern and antiques.

Plus, they managed to make the antler candlestick work, something that has eluded me so far! The owners are super adorable too, she's a decorator and he designs shoes. If you have the magazine, be sure to check out their teeny kitchen.

Things I Love Today: Blowfish Sushi

We were supposed to do laundry last night. Luckily Rob and I were already doing a great job of procrastinating when Matt and Amber invited us out for dinner at Blowfish. We dropped our projects (his, mine) and immediately drove out to Bryant street.

This relic of the dot com boom is a gourmet sushi restaurant with a Japanimation/techno theme. The fish is incredibly fresh and the presentations are very creative. We started with sake and pomegranate mojitos and followed that with the pyramid of tartare (always ask for extra chips), a great selection of rolls and sorbet for dessert.

The location is a bit funny, but totally worth the drive. I'm always amazed at how crowded this restaurant is on a weeknight. We would have needed a reservation if we had come later than 7:30. Currently, Blowfish and Cha-Ya are my favorite Japanese restaurants in the city!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Coveted: Leaf Ring

They say gold is best worn by women with dark and olive skin tones. I think you have to add the be-freckled to that category too. I've found that gold (especially rose gold) is really flattering for women with pale, freckly skin. I wear a lot of gold and my friend Shelly exclusively chooses gold over silver.

Anyway...this gold leaf ring is just perfect for a red haired, freckly girl like me! It would also be great for layering with other bands. The Tiffany Leaf Ring is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art collection the American decorative arts.

Things I Love Today: As Time Goes By

I am obsessed with this classic BBC television sitcom. "As Time Goes By" chronicles the romance of two people (Jean and Lionel) who first fell in love in their teens, were separated by war and reunited forty years later.

Judi Dench is fantastically adorable and Geoffrey Palmer is hilarious. I even love the set, it has the same layout as the O'Flaherty's house (family friends I stayed with in Dublin for a few weeks).

It's on KQED on Saturday and Sunday evenings here in San Francisco. Or you can buy the 11 disk boxed set online for a bargain $142!

What to buy: $50 at Gump's

I received a $50 gift certificate to Gump's as a gift! I love this store so it's going to be hard to decide what to buy. I think I've narrowed it down to the following four options.

The first option is a set of San Francisco note cards and a bud vase. The second option is a lovely poplar picture frame. Option number three is a set of green tulipiere vases. And the final choice is a set of drawer liners and a box of chocolates. Vote for your favorite here:

What should I buy from Gump's with my gift certificate?
San Francisco Notes and a Bud Vase
San Francisco Notes and a Bud Vase
A Poplar Picture Frame
A Poplar Picture Frame
Two Tulipieres
Two Tulipieres
Lavender Drawer Sheets and Chocolates
Lavender Drawer Sheets and Chocolates

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Round-Up: Food, flowers and fun

Rob and I started the weekend with a relaxing Friday night at home...frantically working on redecorating! We started by carrying our 77 inch roman shade home on the bus (thankfully it was fairly empty!) and installing it in our living room window.

Not one to accept this feat of home decoration and relax, I then moved on to framing six black and white photos and hanging them over the sink in the kitchen. The final results were pretty good! I'd like to expand this display with other black and white photos of our friends.

We spent Saturday morning reading New Yorkers, drinking coffees and picking up for Rob's parents. They arrived around 11:00 and we walked down to lunch at Askew. The weather was glorious this weekend and we managed to sit in the sun for lunch. Back home quickly and then down to embarcadero. I had a big plan that we would take the California Street cable car down and back, followed by a walking tour of Chinatown. But, for the second time, Rob's parents came for a visit and the cable cars broke down! Instead, we explored the Ferry Building. Get a look at this fig and tomato color combination:

After stocking up on a few heirloom tomatoes and buying several things we didn't know we needed at Sur La Table, we rode the F-train out to Fisherman's Wharf. I avoid Pier 39 like the plague but a trip to the Musee Mechanique never disappoints. We chose to spend our quarters on all the extremely boring arcade games! One consisted of only a breeze blowing on a deserted wagon. This one was buffalo nodding their heads:

We made our way home for a short rest and then a late dinner at our neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant. Rob's mother left early the next morning for a equine reproduction conference in Davis (she's a vet) and we had a crepe breakfast with his dad. The weather was even warmer on Sunday, so we headed out to the park. First stop was the botanical gardens:

And then on to the de Young for a snack and a trip to the top of the tower. It was so clear, you could see all the way to the Oakland hills! We walked home through the park, stopping to take pictures of the Conservatory of Flowers and the Delia Garden:

Rob drove his dad out to Davis in the afternoon and I planned the menu for the party on Friday. We have a big week ahead. Lots of grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and decorating for the club's anniversary event!

Friday, September 15, 2006

What to Wear: Weekend Adventures

Rob's parents are coming into town on Saturday and Sunday for a short visit. It's also leather pride week here in San Francisco, which always makes things a little more interesting in our neighborhood. I think we're planning on riding the cable car (California Street line to avoid the crowds) and doing some other touristy activities. Here's what I want to wear:
  • Dress - This Carolyn Vaile dress may not be super trendy, but I am pretty sure it is incredibly flattering. I want one each in all seven colors. Might be good for bridesmaids if anyone is looking.
  • Knit Jacket - This blazer would pair well with the dress and with every other piece of clothing I own.
  • Flats - I am still in no-heel purgatory for a few more weeks. Although Sophia Coppola makes it work, I miss my heels.
  • Clutch - Snakeskin print from Urban Outfitters.
  • Earrings - A nice pair of pearl studs completes the nouveau classic ensemble.
Have a great weekend!

Travel: Thailand recommendations?

Rob and I want to go to Thailand in late January. It feels like we haven't been on vacation in ages! I'm starting to look at tickets and they are not as bad as I thought, about $600-900.

Does anyone have recommendations for things to do and see in Thailand? I would especially like tips for finding a small resort or beach town off the beaten path.

Update: I've now narrowed the trip down to Krabi. This area is known for lovely beaches and great rock climbing. Any hot tips for this area specifically are much appreciated!

Crafty: Make a care package

I was kind of having a rough day today until I saw that Jean received her care package and that it helped her get over her own bad day. It's a win-win!

I sent Jean (my little sister, in case you didn't know) a package with a few goodies a week ago. Hopefully, it will help her not feel so isolated way out there in North Carolina.

I chose fun things from around San Francisco and a few items I knew she was coveting. Each item was wrapped individually with the wrapping paper I bought at Old Navy that turned out to be super thick textbook cover paper. Jean was instructed to open one package a week or one as needed.

Everyone has someone in their life that needs a care package. Why not put one together this weekend!

Things I love today: Pugs!

Say hello to Fuji and Payton, my new best friends!

This adorable pug duo kept me company on the sidelines of last night's kickball game. The dogs belonged to our referee and were waaay into the game. They watched each inning very closely and Payton even got to help her owner run the bases. I want a dog! Maybe not a pug, but a silky Yorkshire terrier like this guy.

Our kickball team won again, even with its star player on the disabled list. Only one more week until the championships!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Source: See Jane Work

You can't blog about desks and offices without mentioning See Jane Work!

See Jane Work has completely cornered the market on adorable office supplies. From storage boxes to binder clips, this site has everything a working gal needs. The prices aren't great, but there is plenty of inspiration to go around.