Thursday, November 30, 2006

To Do: Decorate Your Office for the Holidays

Trader Joe's has fresh winter wreaths for only $12. I hung one in my office today and now the whole place smells like Christmas! They also have a great selection of topiaries, mini trees and poinsettias at great prices.

If your office is not wreath compatible, try one of these winter forest candles from Williams-Sonoma instead. The scent of this collection is the next best thing to real pine.

Sale Alert: Jonathan Adler at Macy's

Stackable goblets from Jonathan Adler on clearance sale! How delightful.

I like that these goblets have that same modern cylinder shape that was so popular a few years ago with wine and champagne glasses. But with a thicker stem that makes it seem like the glasses would last more than 12 minutes before splintering.

I'm tempted to buy these for myself but am trying to avoid being my own Santa this year.

Gift Idea: Mecury Glass Candlesticks

Mercury glass tends to straddle that thin line between ugly/Madonna Inn and unique/lovely. I think these copper candlesticks from Gump's fall on the lovely side.

In the right setting, i.e. not on a maroon backdrop, they would be so perfect. Imagine a table set with dark brown linens, white roses and these candlesticks. Or on a bedside table with a stack of thick books. And only $40!

Recipe: Peppermint Cake

Sunset Magazine has this adorable peppermint cake on its cover this month. The recipe is posted online but they also say that you can make it with a store bought angel food cake. Just make whipped cream and decorate the cake with crushed candy canes right before serving for a very festive dessert. (Oh, and find a perfect green glass cake stand to go along with it of course).

I wonder if it would taste as good as it looks?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gift Idea: Rwandan Baskets

Macy's is running a special campaign with UNIFEM to sell baskets make by women in Rwanda as part of the Path to Peace program. The final results are for sale at for amazing prices.

Alone or filled with a few trinkets, these baskets and bowls would make a beautiful and considerate gift for the holidays. Plus, you can save 20% on this and a whole bunch more by entering the code "FamilyMacys" when you check out.

Update Mishmash

I have a whole bunch of notes and updates milling around that don't deserve their own separate posts. So they are going to all get squished in together here:

1. Candles - This craft project is coming along just swimmingly! I've made a few test runs with the wax sheets. The small 4 inch candles I made burn for a little over an hour and a half. That warm beeswax smell is making the whole house smell cozy.

2. Tableware - The set of WMF tableware Rob and I bought through on big discount has proven itself over the last few weeks. All 103 pieces are stylish and strong. I especially love the iced tea spoons! If you are in the market for a decent set of tableware that won't break your bank, definitely consider this set.

3. Hip - Oh, it is so embarrassing! I've been wearing a therapeutic Sacro belt for two weeks now...and the ridiculous thing is working. I feel significantly better than I have for the past few months and have even started exercising a bit. The only challenge is finding outfits that hide the belt sufficiently. Full skirts and long sweaters seem to be doing the best.

4. City - I am mad at San Francisco today. I'm not sure if it is the cold weather or the approaching holiday season but it seems like the entire city has a bad attitude. On the way to the bus Rob and I watched as a guy in a huge truck knocked over someone's motorcycle, stopped briefly and then just drove away. On the bus, a teenager with a terrible cold threw used tissues all over the floor while talking on her cell in speakerphone mode. I was nearly mowed down at lunch by a delivery van. It's time to shape up SF. December starts on Friday and I'd like to see a healthy dose of holiday cheer by then.

Anyway, that's the news from the city. Incredibly, I've already received two Christmas cards in the mail. That's always the official start of the holiday season for me.

What to Wear: So Cold!

Being a born and raised California girl this week's cold snap has put me into an absolute panic! A high of 53 degrees? Time to build an igloo...or even worse, wear pants.
  • Pants - Dark brown pants from DVF will keep my legs warm!
  • Turtleneck - Okay, so this is maybe not the warmest sweater choice out there. But it sure is cute. I bet you could fit a bit of silk long underwear underneath it.
  • Coat - Victoria's Secret is having a great coat sale. I've been dying for one in teal like this and got a great deal. Free shipping too (enter "Joy" at checkout)!
  • Flats - Adorable in oxblood leather. Pair them with socks.
  • Scarf - The warmest looking scarf and gloves I could find.
  • Purse - I've been really happy with this white Michael Kors bag. It has held up well against the city grime for the last few months.
Stay warm out there!

Party Recipe: Ice Skating

I'm trying to put together a few different holiday parties during December. One is going to be our annual dinner party with Jill and Peter, one is an open house with our apartment building neighbors and the other is an ice skating party. It's been tough to plan around everyone's booked I don't actually have any guests for these parties just yet. I need to try another round of that particular word problem this weekend. Here's my plan for ice skating so far:
  • Skating at the Embarcadero Center. They have 90-minute sessions starting every even hour at this open-air rink. Plus, free parking with validation!
  • Follow that appetite building activity with a casual dinner of two different kinds of homemade soups, a big salad and a selection of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Follow that with old fashioned ice cream sundaes with warm brownies.
  • Decorate the dining room table with a big knit scarf serving as a runner. I think I saw this idea in Taste of Home magazine of all places.
So fun! I really want to have this party!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Recipe: Winter Squash

I'm a recent convert to the world of squash. I used to hate anything related to a butternut or an acorn, it all tasted like baby food to me! Over the last year I've discovered some new recipes and a whole new world of cucurbita.

One of my favorite ways to cook winter squash is in Mexican dishes. Jean and Trent originally inspired me with this delicious butternut squash enchilada recipe. Last night I tried something along the same lines with the last of our Thanksgiving turkey:

Winter Squash and Turkey Tacos
  • 1 acorn squash
  • 3 cups of turkey leftovers or chicken, cubed
  • Half an onion, diced
  • 1 cup black olives, chopped
  • 1 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons good quality chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons good quality oregano
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional fresh roasted chili peppers to taste (one poblano should be good)
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese
  • Corn tortillas
Cut the acorn squash in half, scoop out the seeds and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Heat the olive oil in a pan and add onions over low heat. Let onions "sweat" for about 10 minutes. Add the fresh chili peppers, chili powder and oregano and stir. Remove the acorn squash from the oven. Remove the skin and cube one half of the squash, save the other half for something else. Add the squash, olives and turkey to the pan. Cook about 10 minute over medium heat. Add the cilantro during the last minute. Heat the tortillas on your stove's gas burners. Serve the tacos with the shredded cheese on top. Delish!

What to Wear: Holiday Parties

For some reason, the holiday season always makes me think about party scenes from Woody Allen movies. I expect that there will be a lot of smart people all talking at once in a cozy apartment with a dash of New York sophistication! And while this isn't something that Diane Keaton would wear, it is an outfit that can be adapted to several different holiday parties:
  • Dress - Comfortable and versatile in black wool.
  • Earrings - These bold earrings give the basic dress a festive air.
  • Bracelet - I love this antique mexican silver bracelet in a fern pattern.
  • Purse - A red clutch from Target has a bangle for easy cocktail party carrying.
  • Shoes - Red satin shoes with a peep toe and a bow are so fun!
You can easily change this outfit for a different event by adding a sweater, switching the jewelry or selecting different shoes. Imagine it for a casual dinner party with a pair of boots and a cozy cardigan! Or for something a bit more formal with some sparkles.

Things I Love Today: Stylish Rain Boots

These Jeffrey Campbell rain boots come in a fun union jack pattern too, but the black is immensely more practical. I imagine you could get away with wearing them with slacks for work . With the rain we've been having lately, it could be a pretty smart move.

Hooray for warm toes!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Crafty: Beeswax Candles

My order of beeswax sheets just arrived from Knorr this afternoon. Let me just say for the record that 20 sheets of beeswax adds up to a box that is a lot larger than I expected. And with one sheet making about nine candles...yikes!

Between this and making honey cookies (preferably with this cutter) I have my work cut out for me! Maybe I should look for a craft-buddy on this project!

Things I Love Today: Surpring Silver

I saw this bowl in the Gump's silver wing over the weekend. Made by Oscar De La Renta, it looks like a plain silver Paul Revere-style bowl at first but has a surprising lining of blue enamel inside. So clever and modern!

I could see it working as a stylish place to put mail in your front hall or being beautiful holding lemons or flowers.

Coveted: Green Dress

There's a scene toward the end of Casino Royale (which was great by the way) where Eva Green appears in a gorgeous green silk dress. This photo doesn't do it justice. As soon as the movie was over I said "I need to get that dress!"

I haven't been able to find it yet, if it exists in stores. Maybe you could help! Post any hot leads in the comments section if you have them!

Weekend Round-Up: Country & City

It was so nice to have two extra days for this weekend. I really needed the rest! Rob and I drove out to Sanger on Thursday morning to celebrate the holiday with his parents. As soon as we arrived, Rob and his dad headed outside to practice their survival fire-making skills. I set out to gather the last of the season's tomatoes and managed to pick a few pounds to take home. After rubbing sticks together for a few hours the boys had developed a healthy appetite, but no flames!

Dinner started at 2:00 with a beautiful turkey (those adorable frills are from Sur La Table) and a wealth of sides: mashed potatoes, yams, shrimp salad, green salad, pomegranate jello, stuffed tomatoes, ginger cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts, avocados, and more.

Follow all that with homemade pumpkin pie and I was completely stuffed. It is amazing we were able to waddle out to feed the goats on time. Rob even got to be a mama goat to two of the cutest kids:

We spent the rest of the night relaxing with a big fire in the fireplace. I read old issues of Taste of Home Magazine (I have never seen so many recipes for jello salad in my life!) and discovering Rural Free Delivery TV and Andy Williams (you have to love a show with singing men in matching red sweaters, pants, socks and shoes). Rob's dad made us popcorn and hot cocoa over the fire as a late night snack!

On Sunday morning, we woke to a huge breakfast of waffles, bacon and homemade elderberry jam. We needed all these calories for the work we did out on Rob's grandmother's ranch that afternoon. We harvested about 40 gigantic pomegranates from her tree, stacked firewood and cut back an elderberry tree.

It is such a beautiful ranch and full of friendly goats!

We loaded up the car with a true harvest of tomatoes, turkey, oranges, grapefruit and pomegranate and drove our very dusty selves back to the city that night. Before going to bed, I boiled down the ripe tomatoes in to a soup base and tossed it in the freezer.

Rob went for a long run on Saturday morning while I worked at picking the seeds out of the pomegranates that were split. Apparently, the seeds freeze well. Five pomegranates in, I had about a half gallon of seeds in the freezer, stained yellow hands and the kitchen of a serial killer! Rob and I spent the afternoon working on our top-secret Christmas card photo. We spent the evening with a brief trip downtown to Gump's and to see Casino Royal.

Rain on Sunday morning thwarted our archery plans, but allowed me to stay in bed until noon with the paper, a pot of coffee, pistachios, grapefruits and pomegranate seeds. What a perfect morning!

It was miserable all day, so we stayed indoors until Rich and Molly arrived around 6:00. The newlyweds were driving back to Hayfork from Los Angeles with a horse trailer full of belongings. A real city parking challenge! We finally found a huge spot in front of an elementary school and walked down for dinner at Catch in front of the fire. I stuffed myself with white truffle fries, a huge pot of cioppino and a hot brownie for dessert!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sale Alert: L'Occitane Gifts

L'Occitane is having a good sale on their holiday gift items today. Not only do you get 10% off their gift sets, but you also receive a free set of three shea butter tins when you spend $100, free gift wrapping materials, free samples and free shipping. Make sure that you add all these freebies on to your order before checking out.

L'Occitane soap sets (like this classic tin of harvest soaps) are so convenient for the holiday season. They make great hostess gifts and presents for people who are hard to shop for.

Things I Love Today: Advent Calendars

This year's advent calendar arrived in the mail from my mom earlier in the week. For me, nothing starts the holiday season more officially than receiving a bright, glittery advent calendar. It's a lovely family tradition that my deutschphile aunt and uncle started many years ago.

If you are interested in buying an advent calendar for you or someone you love this year, UNICEF has one with a great folding design and this site has a wide variety of patterns.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things I Love Today: Skirts with Pockets

Zara has a great collection of silk skirts in stores right now. I bought one in a brick, charcoal, navy and white plaid (not at all as ugly as it sounds) from their store for $39 last weekend. It's got a great fullness, a perfect below the knee hem and, best of all, trouser style pockets!

I've recently realized that I will buy pretty much any dress or skirt that comes with pockets. You can keep your hands warm and carry stuff around without wearing novel! My ideal outfit for the rest of the winter would be a skirt with pockets, a turtleneck, thick tights and a pair of cute ballet flats.

To Do: Beeswax Candles

Did you ever make candles out of beeswax sheets in elementary school? It was so fun and easy! All those memories came back to me when I saw a photo of French beeswax candles in the December issue of Gourmet Magazine.

I ordered some beeswax sheets and wicks from Knorr Beeswax to make this a holiday craft! Instead of the giant pillars from elementary school, I'll roll the sheets into sets of smaller four inch candles. Pair that with a dozen honey cookies and a bottle of L'Occitane honey bubble bath and you have a clever homemade Christmas present.

Crafty: Make your own Christmas cards

Thanksgiving weekend is almost here...and that means it is time to get going on your Christmas cards. Rob and I are preparing for our annual photo shoot next weekend and I've been shopping around for paper. One of my favorite sources for the last few years has been

This site has bright metallic note cards and envelopes at reasonable prices. The copper and the red are my two favorites! You can just order prints of your favorite holiday photo and attach it with adhesive photo corners for a stylish custom card.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Things I Love Today: Togo's Santa Fe Salad

I love Togo's...especially the one by my office. It is the perfect model of an efficient fast food restaurant that a) won't cause you to become obese and b) has extremely happy employees. I don't know what they are giving the employees there, I am pretty sure they make minimum wage, but they are so enthusiastic! They make me want to work at Togo's!

Anyway, I have recently become obsessed with the Santa Fe Chicken Salad there. I'm up to about three a week. It's all delicious fresh lettuce, black bean salsa, corn chips, avocado and chicken with a cilantro dressing. I just finished one and I'm already drooling thinking about it.

What to Wear: Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums is one of those movies that just gets better and better each time you watch it. It was on TV this weekend and I became totally inspired by the great retro-metro styling. So I designed an outfit to match!

How to Dress Like a Tenenbaum:
  • Dress - This rose and cream color combination is a perfect match with the Tenenbaum home.
  • Sweater - Quirky thick wool sweater has a vintage feel and serves as a fur coat replacement.
  • Shoes - Tan suede loafers are an unusual choice with this outfit but perfectly in-line with the movie.
  • Purse - An embroidered tapestry finish in brown.
  • Barrette - No Tanenbaum outfit would be complete without a red plastic barrette.
Now I want to have a Royal Tenenbaum costume party!

Weekend Update: The Girls

What a fun weekend! Rob and I had a quiet Friday night at home with Rob's favorite hour of TV: "Survival Friday" on Discovery and the last of the clean-up from the Moroccan party. On Saturday morning we had a quiet breakfast and prepared for the arrival of "the girls." Liz, Jackie and Sarah were coming into the city for a spa day (not a bridal shower). This group of friends from high school hardly ever gets together so this was a big event!

Each guest arrived at the apartment to a glass of champagne and a robin's egg blue ribbon. We each wore the ribbon in a different way as a sign of solidarity with our favorite bride! First stop at 12:30 was four pedicure appointments at my favorite Dolci salon:

They do such a great job there! All four of us emerged with massaged backs, scrubbed heels and shiny toes in a little over 30 minutes. Next up was tea downtown at The Palace Hotel. Such a breathtaking room, I'm so glad my Mom suggested this place:

We had about four pots of tea each while devouring the three tiers of cakes, sandwiches and scones with lemon curd. It was so fun to see all the little girls there in their best dresses. Now fully energized, we all walked up to Gump's and did some shoe shopping at the Nordstrom sale. Jackie's boyfriend, Scott, and Rob were waiting for us when we finally made it home at 6:30! Rob and I had Burgermeister for dinner and watched a DVD the rest of the night.

My cousin Heidi was visiting the city and met us for brunch on Sunday morning. We walked over to Tangerine in the fog. This restaurant has become so popular lately, and for good reason! After breakfast we walked up to Cliff's Variety and then back down to Valencia Street. I bought Jean's birthday present at Therapy! By the time Rob and I made it back home, my hips felt pretty sore and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home and catching up on some of our projects.

Friday, November 17, 2006

What to Wear: Safeway

I saw a girl wearing basically this exact outfit at Safeway late on Wednesday night. I couldn't believe it! Oh my gosh, so cute! I so tempted to somehow find a way to steal it from her but there are a lot of security guards at the market so it wasn't really an option. Instead, I'll try to recreate it:
  • Shirt - Basic white blouse.
  • Vest - I can't find a gray sweater vest like this anywhere! This version is available in ivory from Saks for $195.
  • Belt - So pretty in wine.
  • Skirt - I am pretty sure her skirt wasn't from Target, but it also probably didn't cost $18.
  • Shoes - Her shoes weren't quite as cute as these red patent leather Kate Spade peep toes.
If you can find me a gray sweater vest like this for under $70, I will provide a handsome reward! I am obsessed!

Cocktail Recipe: Pomegranate Mimosa

The dinner party went really well last night. All the treats from TrulyMed were delicious, the chicken tangine came out perfectly and the Israeli couscous didn't get burned! Our guests were great conversationalists and a lot of fun.

To start the whole evening off, I improvised a pomegranate mimosa. Here's the recipe:

Pomegranate Mimosas
  • 1 bottle of inexpensive champagne
  • 1 bottle of Odwalla PomaGrand Pomegranate Limeade
  • 1 cup of pomegranate seeds
Add about 10 pomegranate seeds and half a jigger of pomegranate juice to each glass and top off with champagne. The seeds will float to the top of the drink. Makes approximately eight glasses.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things I Love Today: Ugly Flower Arrangements

I made the flower arrangements and set the table last night for tonight's dinner party. It was late and I think I went a teensy bit overboard trying to make the table look Moroccan. I used four different kinds of table linens and made one of the ugliest flower centerpieces. So ugly that it is almost pretty!

For the flowers, I used bright green pompoms and maroon chrysanthemums combined with orange coffee berries. Put that into one blue and white Chinese vase and one orange glass vase and voila! You get a mighty bright arrangement! Wasn't it said in Domino Magazine last month that there is no such thing as a bad flower combination?

High tea in San Francisco?

I'm throwing a spa day this weekend for a friend who is getting married in December. We're going to pedicures at 12:30 and then I want to do high tea together somewhere downtown. Here are some of the choices:

Garden Court Tea at the Palace - You have to love the feminine atmosphere of that room.

The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus - Kind of touristy? But it could still be pretty fun.

Ritz Carlton Lobby Lounge - I don't think I've ever been to the Ritz in San Francisco.

Any recommendations? Suggestions?

Party Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Baking

Last night's Ladies Activity Club party was another one for the record books! These parties have been just getting more and more impressive. Azla hosted eight of us at her house for a night of pumpkin pie baking for the November party. We started by dividing into teams. I was on team dough (the best team!):

Team pumpkin pie filling did a good job too:

Team whipped cream had it pretty easy:

Team dog participated by staying close to the action and getting covered in flour:

The mini pies went in the oven and went to the dining room for pie and hot cider (I need to pause here and mention that Azla's house was amazing! That tureen on the table is from a vintage set of 1940's china...I am so inspired!):

The final results were gorgeous tasty and Azla gave everyone these adorable booklets filled with Thanksgiving recipes from the LAC members:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bargain Finder: Flatware

I cannot stand another day with our terrible Ikea flatware! With holiday entertaining coming up, it has to go. But shopping for flatware is particularly frustrating. So much depends on the way it feels in your hand but I don't have time to dash all over the city tossing around forks. I needed a plan.

Plan A: Buy a set of antique sterling silver flatware for cheap and use it everyday. What happened: Wow, do I hate eBay. I lasted about 15 minutes before wanting to scratch my eyes out.

Plan B: Buy an expensive set of French olivewood flatware from Sur La Table. What happened: $800? That's a bit much for everyday flatware.

Plan C: Go to Ross. Buy first set of non-heinous flatware on sale. What happened: Why do I always try to go to Ross on Tuesday, when it is packed for senior discount day?

Plan D: Take a deep breath and buy this set of stainless steel tableware for 12 that was 77% off on last night. What happened: How bad can it be if it includes a pickle fork and iced tea spoons? For $179, I'm sold. Even at today's price of $299, it's a pretty good deal.

Decoration Idea: Goldfish

Rob and I love having fish as pets. They are pretty low maintenance; don't care if you go away for the weekend or come home late, no need to walk them. We have two fancy goldfish at home (completely spoiled in a 20 gallon tank) and a beta on each of our desks at work.

I saw this goldfish in a vase in the holiday CB2 catalog. The classic Asian styling of the glass makes it really sophisticated and it would look perfect paired with a red beta fish.

As to whether or not it would make a good present...that was debated Oxford style in the living room last night. The final verdict: avoid messy animal welfare issues by giving a gift certificate for a beta from Petco instead of an actual fish.

Party Recipe: Moroccan Night!

We're having a couple guests over for dinner on Thursday night and I've decided to go with Moroccan theme. I made a few jars of preserved meyer lemons a while ago and have an easy recipe for a chicken tangine. Our party is going to pretty low key:
  • Appetizers - I'll drop by Truly Mediteranean on my way home to pick up some of their delicious homemade hummus, dolmas and pita bread to get us started.
  • Drinks - Obviously, not a whole lot of hard drinking in Morocco, so we'll have to get creative. Something along the lines of these pomegranate cardamom martini would be fun.
  • Decorations - Bright orange and red table linens and flowers will make the table festive. I wish I had something brass! I think I'll wear my linen tunic just for fun too.
  • Dinner - This chicken recipe is easy to prepare a bit ahead and leave on the stove. I'm debating buying the authentic tangine dish. The chicken will be served along with Israeli couscous. I like the Israeli kind because the grains are larger.
  • Dessert - They also sell baklava at TrulyMed! I'll get some of those when I pick up the hummus. Combine that with some fresh fruit and mint tea and we're set.
Fisehatak! According to the internet that is "cheers" in Arabic!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What to Wear: Crab Season

Crab season opens on Wednesday! I am so excited to get my hands on some big papa dungeness crabs in the next few weeks. Last year, Rob and I drove down to Half Moon Bay to buy a couple giants straight off the boat. If that's not your style, Woodhouse Fish Company is hosting crab feeds in the Castro. Here's what I'll wear to anything crab-related this year:
  • Sweater - A chunky ivory sweater.
  • Skirt - A wool mini from American Eagle would be nice paired with some thick tights.
  • Rain boots - Target has some great rain boots in different colors for only $19.
  • Scarf - Wool tartan from J.Crew
  • Broach - A diamond and emerald crab broach is perfect for the occasion.
Mmmm...cold crab, warm sourdough and hot butter. I can't wait!

Things I Love Today: The New Yorker

Over the past year I've become obsessed with carrying a New Yorker with me everywhere I go. It is the perfect city accessory; absolutely crucial along with chapstick and a bus pass. Here's why:
  • It's light enough to carry in your purse all the time. The same is not true for the other magazines I get: Gourmet, San Francisco and InStyle (definitely not InStyle).
  • Perfect bus reading.
  • Much better than the six-month old TIME magazines offered in waiting rooms.
  • Emergency umbrella.
  • Makes you look, actually become, intelligent.
  • There are somehow always a few sections left in an issue you've "finished" that you can read in a pinch. It's like a never ending magazine. And in a real emergency, you can even read the poetry.
  • Great when rolled up for swatting away pigeons.
I highly recommend that anyone who lives in a city gets a subscription.

Holiday Party Favor

Oriental Trading Company is selling these ceramic tea light holders for $17.95 a dozen online.

Wouldn't they make for a great holiday table decoration or party favor? You could even use them as place cards by writing guest names on them in paint pen.

Monday, November 13, 2006

What to Wear: 60's Cocktail Party

Oo la la! I've been dreaming of having a sixties cocktail party all day. I think it would be a fun theme for a Christmas dinner with a few friends. Serve up Tom Collins and make all kinds of terrible white-bread-based appetizers. This is what I would wear to that party (or the the Lawrence Welk Show):
  • Dress - A plain black sheath dress is a great modern start to this outfit. It would be even better in a bright color.
  • Shoes - These shoes are really the key. Cream leather peep toe with a black bow.
  • Purse - Some sort of silly vintage evening bag.
  • Bangle - Chunky and black.
  • Pearl necklace - My vintage three strand set.
  • Hair - A beehive paired with a pearl and crystal hair barrette. The shoes and the barrette are really what you need for this outfit.
  • Make-up - Lots of lashes and brows plus nude lip gloss.
This is a little more on the 50's end of the fashion spectrum...oh well! I seriously love that barrette...hmmm. Late birthday present to myself or early Christmas present?