Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Round-up: Partly Cloudy

The weather this weekend was a perfect mix! I love days that are a bit rainy, a bit cloudy and a bit sunny. I guess it reminds me of the spring weather in Dublin. Let's see...where did this weekend start? Friday night was rainy so Rob and I stayed home for a quiet evening with a roast chicken and sweet potato fries.

The rain continued Saturday morning, allowing for a nice bit of sleeping in and being lazy! At noon, Rob and I drove out to the park for archery with Matt and his father-in-law. We had a great time, despite the occasional rain shower. After about two hours, we drove over to Eddie's archery shop to stock up on supplies and coaching. That evening, Rob and I met a visiting executive from our office at the Metreon for dinner and a movie. We ate a surprisingly good dinner at L.J.'s Martini Grill, their warm gingerbread cake is not to be missed, and saw The Last King of Scotland (graphic but good).

Rob and I woke up fairly early on Sunday and ran some errands around the neighborhood. We made a nice breakfast of coffee, turkey bacon, grapefruits and sourdough bread before setting out to enjoy the crisp weather with a hike. We walked down through the Sutro Baths and through the tunnel to the hidden beach first:

We then hiked along the coast trail. It was packed full with all the signs of spring: ferns, pussy willows and bulbs.

After a picnic lunch, we walked up to the Legion of Honor. I was so happy to see that they hung the signs for the Masterpieces of French Jewelry show. I've been excited for this show since it was first announced last summer! Only 13 days to go!

On the way back to the car, we decided to explore Sutro Park. This park was such a magnificent find, that it will get it's own separate post! At 3:30, it was time to drive back home. Rob and I walked to the library, visited a few open houses in the neighborhood (it's amazingly easy to fall for a $1 million, two bedroom apartment) and made a trip to the produce market. I used the rest of the roast chicken to make sopa de lima and paired it with a golden beet salad for dinner.


love.boxes said...

Do you ever eat turkey pepperoni? It's my favorite. My best in a hurry recipe is contadina pizza squeeze sauce, shredded mozzerella, turkey pepperoni and a good loaf of french bread in a hot oven. Healthy and yummy and it takes 5 min.

love.boxes said...

Sounds like a great weekend! :)

MissScientistSF said...

I love Sutro Heights, it is like Jane Austin was walking through it ten minutes before.