Thursday, January 11, 2007

What to Wear: Down

A big cold front is arriving in San Francisco from Canada. Temperatures are expected to go down to the 20's and stay there. In San Francisco, this is cause for great panic. The paper even ran an article this morning that included tips for spotting hypothermia. I'm sure anyone living outside the coasts will find the story very amusing.

My embargo on down jackets (installed after wearing a black puffy everyday for four months last year's rainy winter) has lasted fairly well so far this year but I don't think I'll make it without some down over the weekend. This white bomber jacket from Martin + Osa (an American Eagle spinoff they have at the new Westfield mall) might be a good compromise.


nicole said...

remember that cute jacket i found at north face and tried on? you should check it out, it looked similar but way less puffy

MissEm said...

That's right! That was a cute jacket. Was it this one?

nicole said...

that's the one. it was really warm, the price point was right, and it comes in cute colors. too bad i am too big for a medium and too small for a large ;)